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Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!


The shield can take a bit as there are a lot of details. First thing, I want to get the yellow to stand out and to do that over a black background I have to bring the color up. I do that by applying two coats of grey down on the shield face and then follow that up by two coats of white. Thats four layers total.

After that I apply a yellow contrast or ink to the shield face.

When that is dry, the outer rim of the shields are given a metal paint and nuln oil wash, and the front metal work is done in brass with earth shade.

Last, I apply a freehand symbol to the front of the shield.

My freehanding is quite honestly atrocious but in a group of warriors I feel its fine. If I wanted this going to competition level, I would find a stencil or something that would allow me a cleaner way of doing a freehand.


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