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Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Finishing Touches on the Metal and the Cloak

The iron / steel areas are hit with a Nuln Oil (what some consider to be – the best oil) shade and the gold and brass are hit with Earthshade.

Technical green spirit stone paint is used to create emerald gem-effects where I want them on the sword hilt or on the cloak broach.

I then pick out the leather ties in the warrior’s beard with a light white color to let it stand out.

Last for the cloak as it is black, I do two layers of drybrushing of dark grey and a lighter grey to bring out the contours of the cloth. I do a ghostly grey white fine drybrush over the fur trim to let it stand out.

Then when those are finished, I glue the back of the cloak onto the model.

We’re almost there!


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