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Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Pants and Leather and Beard

The pants are simply a dark green that then have a green shade applied to them. At that point I consider them done. You could go to the next level and highlight a lighter green across the raised folds of cloth, but I consider that a tabletop+ layer that I would do for characters, but not the rank and file.

The leather part comes next and this a pretty easy though important step. Important because the earth colors are so very much a prime color of this army and a unifying factor that ties the whole element in visually. I hit all of the boots, gloves, and belt with a dark brown.

After that I apply some Earthshade to bring the leather pieces out more and give some darkened recesses.

After that is complete I take a lighter brown and I hit the edge of the boots, the edge of the belt, and the straps on the boots.

The lining is not perfect, but as I am going for a more speed-based approach where I am trying to knock out a six-stand regiment of these guys, I am not going to sweat the small stuff. If I want to later, I can go back and clean up the lining. From three feet away, nobody is going to notice, and in a group of warriors, it will look more than fine.

The beard is also done by simply painting it white with three layers of white to bring the black all the way down, and then applying either a yellow contrast or a yellow ink to the area.


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