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Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Flesh Tones

The first part of the model that will be knocked out is the flesh bits. On this model there is only the arms that really need addressed. Flesh can be a difficult color to get over black primer. The key here is you need a solid base color to work off and you want to make sure that that base color is applied fully. This often means more than one layer of the base color will need to be applied. If you try to just paint on a flesh over a black primer, it will look streaky and dirty and often not what you are really after.

So first step was to apply Rakarth Flesh to the flesh areas. This is a kind of greyish brown color that has a slight green (to me anyway) twinge to it. This is the base color that I like to use for paler flesh when applied over a black. I used two coats of this to eliminate any streaking and to make sure none of the black was visible.

After this I applied two thin layers of a flesh tone.

The final step was to apply a flesh wash / shade to these areas and then with a smaller brush, pick out the raised areas with the same flesh paint that I used. Once complete, the flesh was finished and I was ready to move on.


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