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Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

Auticus Paints – The Nord Huscarl!

In this article, we will be discussing how to paint the Nord Huscarl to a Tabletop Quality. As discussed in previous articles, the Tabletop Quality is what we here consider a Level 2 paint job that looks great from three or more feet away and makes for excellent looking battlefield games, but by themselves will not win awards or be considered spectacular when examined up close. A tabletop Level 2 paint job will be clean, be based, have all of the base colors applied and a level of shading and likely one level of highlight layering applied to it.

When it comes to the Huscarl model, identifying a good prime color is the first step. This model has a lot of metal armor on. Additionally, the cloak that he will be wearing is a black bearskin cloak. As such, there are a lot of dark and muted colors here, as well as a good deal of metal. The decision then was made to prime this model black. The difficult part of this will be to get the yellow on the shield to pop, as yellow over a black primer is very difficult to achieve properly.

Additionally the model will have a lot of earth colors with the various leather straps, and his pants will be a dark green, matching the green and yellow color scheme that most of the army contains. The back of the cloak was kept separate as was the shield, though in hindsight I may just glue the entire model together sans-shield on further rounds because there are some gaps that need filled with putty and I’d want to take care of that before painting in the future.


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