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The Imperial Officer: Building a Monster

The Imperial Officer: Building a Monster


I’ll be honest – Historically I have loathed the Imperial Officer. Whilst he was a lovely model, his game stats are underwhelming when compared to others and he almost seemed like a points tax, purely there to unlock his unique units (All of which are amazing by the way!)

However, over the last few games I have utterly fallen in love with him. The reason why?  The unholy number of combinations that you can stack together to make him a terror on the battlefield. I have accepted the fact that he is not a combat character and will never munch his way through enemies in melee (That is what your Noble Lords are for!) and wanted to share some of the ways I have recently used him.

Obviously these all amplify the cost of the Officer, so you really will need to make him a central part of your battle plan rather than a weaker secondary character. But his presence on the field can really enhance your force.


Build 1: “The Regiment-Pusher”
Used for: Bringing an expensive regiment onto the field early, and keeping it combat effective
Drill: Double Time
Heirloom: The Gilded Rampart
Retinue: tier 3 tactical
Mastery: None

This chap is like turbo charger for a medium or heavy unit. The tier 3 tactical retinue will grant the “flank” rule to the officers regiment, meaning they will automatically arrive turn 2 or 3 depending on their weight class.

The Gilded Rampart allows a free reform for his regiment, allowing them to change direction without wasting a movement activation. The double time will let them accelerate right into the thick of the action (Not on the turn they arrive mind you, check the exact wording). The regiment will be able to reroll up to 3 resolve rolls to keep them in the fight longer due to the tier 1 tactical retinue rules.


Build 2: “The firepower enhancer”
Used for: bolstering the ranged power of crossbowmen, rangers, or witch hunters
Drill: Fire & Advance
Heirloom: “The Kiss Farewell”
Retinue: Tier 1 Arcane (It’s restricted so you have to pay double points)
Mastery: Marksman

This build is officially my favourite at the moment. He is a medium character in a light unit so can score you some early victory points, especially when combined with the fire and advance drill which allows you to pump out those shots without slowing down.

The combination of marksman and the kiss farewell grants Barrage 5 at 24” range with deadly shot. The shots are not halved for range as he is the sole occupant of the stand (You half the people on the stand, not the shots per person for obscured) so you are pumping out a decent number of shots at long range. The limiting factor is his rubbish volley of 1, but this is where the Tier 1 arcane retinue comes in. It makes him ‘Blessed’ so he can reroll failed hit rolls. This is even more devastating when the regiment is in position and he is taking aim for +1 volley.


Build 3: “The Fortification”
Used for: Buffing the defensive stats of his regiment to make them nigh unkillable
Drill: Bastion
Heirloom: Armour of Dominion & Standard of Steel
Retinue: tier 2 tactical, tier 1 arcane
Mastery: Long Lineage (to give me the second heirloom)

This guy is a pure exercise in theory, but he is definitely on my list of combinations to try! He is really expensive but I imagine he’ll be awesome with some Gilded Legion, especially in a big block to get their resolve up!

It is better to just list what he does:
1) Enemy regiments don’t count as inspired when attacking his regiment
2) Enemy stands in contact with him lose their Cleave and Smite rules
3) He has the Bastion draw event for +1 Defence
4) his regiment can reroll up to 2 failed resolve rolls
5) He counts as a caster for magical defence to make enemy spells a little less effective.


Now these options are literally scratching the surface of what you can achieve with this rather fun character. If you have ideas or builds you would like to share then please do share them, either on the Underspire, on Facebook or on the Last Argument Discord.  I’m always up for trying any new mad combinations so don’t be shy and get creative!

David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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