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Daves Tabletop Simulator Adventure: Article 1

Daves Tabletop Simulator Adventure: Article 1

Choosing a list and picking a force

Tabletop simulator is an awesome tool for playing tabletop wargames online. A Conquest Module has been created for this fabulous system and we are about to embark on our first World Championship with players around the world smashing the hell out of each other for glory and fame!

I thought I would take the opportunity to play a faction that I’ve not yet used. The Nords are totally different from my usual Dweghom. They lack armour but they hit hard and fast. The Nords are also limited slightly by a lack of available models, but I feel they still offer a lot in a competitive setting.

I always think about the warlord first when choosing my Army. It will be his supremacy ability and warband composition that sets the tone for the list. I’ve chosen the Blooded character as his supremacy ability grants flank to his entire warband, meaning that they will automatically arrive as soon as their regiment class allows.

I am giving the Blooded a bodyguard of Stalkers. These are not exactly the strongest regiment in the army but they certainly have their uses. They have the ‘Vanguard’ special rule and a movement of 6” which means that on turn 1 they will be able to move up the table 18” which will set the reinforcement line up nice and high for the following regiments. As regiments move at the speed of their slowest member, I am upgrading the Blooded to have the ‘Aspect of the Wolf’ to boost him up to 6” movement so that the regiment as a whole keeps their fast pace.

This combination of Character and regiment is actually fairly decent at range. the stalkers have a good volley of 3, meaning that they’ll be accurate when engaging in ranged duels with other light regiments. Their lack of range (only 18”) is mitigated somewhat by their higher movement so they should still be effective. The Blooded himself also has a ranged attack. It only has a 12” range, but because he is a single model stand, he does not get obscured for range, meaning that he’ll get his 4 attacks at anyone in the open.

The Ugr are the heaviest hitters of the currently released Nord range. They have ‘Cleave 2’ meaning that their attacks reduce the enemy Defence by 2. This will really help me cut through heavily armoured opposition such as Dweghom or Hundred Kingdoms. As they are Brutes they also inflict impact attacks, which amplifies the damage that they do on the charge. They are incredibly cheap at 50 points per stand, so I am going to make them the core of my force by selecting 2 regiments of 5 stands, each with a standard bearer for the +1” second march bonus as well as the all important rerolls to the charge distance to make sure that those hefty attacks hit home.

With the Blooded’s supremacy ability active, both of these regiments will arrive on turn 2. We will have the choice of whether to move in from the sides, assuming that the stalkers have pushed up the battlefield, or simply come on from the back line. This will depend on enemy positioning at the time but its nice to have the flexibility.

Last but not least in the Blooded’s Warband, I am bringing a Mountain Jotnar. Partly because the model is epic. Partly because it is waving a tree. Mostly because it’s a bit of variety. When you compare its stats against a unit of 3 Ugr it is very similar. The Jotnar trades a point of cleave for a point of clash, and is ‘terrifying’, meaning that broken opponents may not successfully rally. It also suffers from 1 less point of Defence, but has the advantage of striking at full power even if it only has 1 wound remaining. It is a heavy as well so hopefully the Ugr blocks will be drawing a lot of fire when this dude arrives on turn 3 (again, guaranteed due to the Blooded Supremacy ability – assuming he’s still alive at this point!)

This finishes off my first warband nicely. We have a fast light unit to set the reinforcement line nice and high up the table, plus 2 big blocks of decent combat troops and a heavy monster. All of which are fast and hit hard. I still have plenty of points left over so will now look at a second warband.

My next character is going to be a Nord Shaman. He’s really cheap at 35 points and can be tooled up in all manner of battlefield roles with his spells. He’ll be given 7 stands of Raiders as a bodyguard and we will upgrade them with a banner as well to give them an extra movement boost and again reroll those vital charges.

Raiders hit hard but are really fragile with a Defence of 1. I want them to get into combat in large numbers where their massive number of attacks can hit home. To this end we will tool up the Shaman with the Mist Weave spell. This will give the raiders +1 Defence against shooting attacks. Its not much but will hopefully keep a few more of them safe from enemy missile fire.

To further supplement this, I am going to give the Shaman the ‘Learned in the Occult’ mastery. This lets him buy a second spell from anywhere in the Nord Roster that is not normally available to him. I am selecting ‘Fruit of the Golden Tree’, a healing spell that is normally only available to the Volva. This will heal up 2 casualties per successful dice roll. This will hopefully keep me at full strength as I run headlong into combat.

Lastly, I will also give the Shaman a level 1 Arcane Retinue. This will boost his casting dice from 5 to 6, meaning that his spells will be more effective. It will also give him the ‘Blessed’ special rule. This lets him reroll any to hit rolls or Defence saves per turn. I’m not so worried about Defence saves, but the rerolls to hit will turn him from a below average combat character into someone that can hold their own in combat. To further add to this surprising combat potential I am giving him the ‘Broken Blade’ Trove Find. This will give him ‘Cleave 1’ in close combat and will give a little more anti armour punch to the raiders themselves.

Regarding the raiders, they are an incredibly hard hitting light regiment. They have the ‘Throwing weapons’ special rule which means that they inflict impact attacks as they charge in. They also have the ‘Flurry’ special rule which means that they can reroll misses when they make their actual combat attacks. These combine to make an absolutely ferocious number of attacks on the charge. Their only real drawbacks are their lack of cleave and their lack of armour. Both factors that I have hopefully gone some way to addressing with how I have built my Shaman.

So there we have it. 1500 points of Angry Northmen ready to raid and pillage their way to victory. I am rather excited to see how this first online event plays out and I am looking forward to playing against fellow Conquest enthusiasts from around the Globe.

David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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