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Burning with the Ardent Kerawegh: A Walk Through the Dweghom Characters 2

Burning with the Ardent Kerawegh: A Walk Through the Dweghom Characters 2

In my previous article, I spoke about the importance of characters to Conquest, and to the Dweghom faction especially.  I then looked at a few interesting builds for the Hold Raegh.  In the present article, I’d like to shift attention to the Ardent Kerawegh.  The Kerawegh is a versatile character.   First, he is a priestly caster, but he comes with decent combat stats: a defense of 3, resolve of 4.  While his clash of 2 and regular attacks of 4 are not impressive by themselves, the Dweghom have several ways of boosting them.  His versatility is displayed in the fact that he has both combat and tactical retinues fully available, while Magic is a restricted category.  Furthermore, he has access to all three types of Masteries.  As a priest, he can both wear armor and take arcane items.  The drawback to all of these is that it can be tough to know precisely how to build him.   You can make him a more combat capable character, but the Hold Raegh will simply do that better.   While his most popular spell, Dismay, is good, getting it to impact the game can be tricky, and it isn’t always clear whether you want to boost his caster abilities by taking a Magic Retinue.

His most powerful strength is the fact that the Tactical Retinue is fully available to him.  He does not pay the restricted cost for it, can provide Flank to a single unit if he goes full tactical-3, and can diversify his item choices merely by taking tactical-2.  Furthermore, these abilities and builds tend to synergize the best with his own warband, including the regiments that have not yet released.  Tactical 3 might be best when you can use him to bring Stone Sentinels onto the table turn-3, Vanguard them into immediate position where they’ll make a fast impact upon the game.  The Ardent’s playstyle is a rush style, with one of the best light units in the game, Flame Bezerkers, screaming across the table.  Good Ardent builds think carefully about how they will support the units in his warband.

Option-1: The Kerawegh Warlord

Retinue:  Tactics-2/Magic-1

Mastery: Flaming Oratory

Item-1:  Invocation of the Shattering

Item-2: Steel Enhancements

The goal of this build is to integrate the Kerawegh into his beloved Flame Bezerkers and use those regiments to smash the enemy quickly and early.  Flaming Oratory is designed to allow you to activate the Warlord early when he is an inconsequential activation (See my article on activation tactics for a further elaboration of consequential versus inconsequential activations), reducing damage from enemy ranged fire, and only moving the Bezerkers forward late in the round when the enemy has been forced to position themselves and you know clearly where they are at.  Steel Enhancements boosts your Warlord’s defense, since he’ll been in an exposed position early in the game and you don’t want to lose him to a duel.  Invocation of the Shattering is a good follow-up to Righteous Annihilation, your native supremacy ability, strengthening the damage that your Bezerkers will do against the current 100K and Dweghom builds.  Tactics-2 lets you reroll the rare failed resolve tests on your Bezerkers.  Furthermore, I’ve been very impressed with how a Restricted Magic-1 Retinue performs.  While Dismay usually seems to connect, an extra die increases the regularity of it, and gives you the flexibility to affect larger regiments with the ability consistently.  Furthermore, Blessed allows you to pick an offensive or defensive attack and reroll just the one attack every round; this is extremely strong on the Kerawegh, but you’ll have to pick carefully when to use it.  I tend to prioritize keeping my Kerawegh alive against the many characters who could outduel him, but it also contributes to damage against a key regiment in the right circumstances.  This build will likely get better as Initiates and Wardens release and more powerful units can potentially benefit from both Supremacy abilities.

Option-2:  The Support Kerawegh

Retinue:  Tactics-2/Magic-1

Mastery:  Calm Strategist (or any really)

Item-1:  “Until We Have To”

Item-2:  Flaming Weapon

Since Tactics are your specialization, why not take the powerful banner “Until We Have To.”  As I mentioned in the section on this upgrade in my article on the Hold Raegh, its power will depend upon how friendly your group is to terrain, or if you take a Sorcerer with Magmatic Seep to create the Zonal Terrain wherever you need it.  In this build, I assume your Kerawegh is not a Warlord, but he is running with a Bezerker group of 4-6 trays.  Your goal is to keep this group alive as long as possible and to disrupt and damage a significant portion of the enemy.  At defense-5, you can afford to take a charge from the enemy.  Since you’re generating your armor from the item, there is no longer a need for Flaming Oratory as your Mastery.  Magic-1 is again making Dismay more versatile.  Flaming Weapon still feels like the best upgrade on a Kerawegh, but Draegbrud will work wonders against higher armor if you so choose.  I recommend Calm Strategist, since the Kerawegh is not an amazing duelist and it may keep him alive a turn longer.  In your own meta, however, you may find another mastery works better.

Option-3: The Combat Kerawegh

Retinue:  Combat-3

Mastery:  Fueled by the Furnace

Item-1:  Draegbrud

This build gives your Kerawegh 8 attacks at Cleave-4, though he becomes almost suicidal.  Much like the Bezerkers who have so thoroughly committed to the Ardent cause that they will combust, this Kerawegh wants to go duel the most challenging of the opponent’s characters, kill them, but likely be lost in the process. With eight attacks, you’re likely to see one six every time you swing, and an odd chance for a second.  50% of those will produce wounds on your character.  This character wants to follow his Bezerkers down the board, get in the enemy’s face and then destroy them.  Bezerkers are not amazing against armor, but 8 cleave-4 attacks, should help push damage through against the stronger defense units that you may face.  I suspect the first two builds above will prove the stronger and more natural builds over time, but this build will be fun to try and may scare the opponent at having to deal with such a powerful character and regiment.


The Kerawegh offers a lot of diversity as a character, whether you select him as a Warlord or simply build him as one character in one of your regiments.  He’s got strong choices for retinues, masteries, and items.  What are your favorite Kerawegh builds?

Ben Hicks
Ben Hicks

Conquest Vanguard locatied in Austin, Texas. I've been playing strategy games for 20+ years. Conquest scratches that itch for a fantasy wargame in an immersive setting.

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