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Official Q&A 24-08-2020

Official Q&A 24-08-2020

8/24/2020 – Q&A session on discord (chit chat and non game related commentary has been omitted)
Chronomancer = Konstantinos – rules lead

So guys a few things first:

First of all I would like to introduce the newest member of our team Konstantinos Lekkas (Chronomancer or affectionately called Nerfmancer) that is our Game Developer and the man behind the most recent changes. Konstantinos is a great addition to our team and we are looking forward towards the Skirmish game, new Factions and further game updates.

Thank you all for all the feedback and questions you have sent that led to a succesful balance update. We are looking towards your feedback and impressions of the new updates.

Take it away!

Q: in writing the underspire narrative campaign – how exactly do avatara work? Are their pilots somewhere else? Like a mech being remote controlled from a distance?
@Auticus I can answer that! Yeah think of them as remotely controled exosuits!

Q: So Ill break the ice here too. I need more Whadrun in my life, can we expect more spoilers soon?
@Judgewyrm We all do! Patience will be rewarded :slight_smile:

Q:Thanks for hosting this Leandros! Quick question on the background: do you think we’ll ever see shards of creation (e.g., destruction) on the tabletop?
@Misanthropyisbitchin That’s a great question. Even though are lead writer is on vacation and we won’t be getting in the grit of the lore I can tell you that the shards are represented in the way factions play. For example as humans are inherently balanced you see that they don’t sport as much destructive powers as the Dweghom for example that lean a bit more towards destruction.

Q: Literally flawed by the quality and fairness of the latest balance patch. Thanks so much not only for taking the time to get it right but for having an open ear to the community you guys rock.

Retinues. Are we likely to start seeing retinue models in the release schedule? If so, is it a crazy suggestion to have a plastic multipart box set per faction, which can be built to represent multiple disciplines?

Not saying you should do it but do it

@Sparkr Thank you! We have something about retinues in the works that will blow your mind and it will signal the start of a new line of releases we are very excited about!

Q: Eä has an overall very ugly and brutish aesthetic full of fallen kingdoms. Do you have plans for any factions that are perhaps a bit more aesthetically elegant – say along the lines of, but perhaps not as into body horror as The Spires? Will we see any factions that are new and fresh and perhaps less jaded and affected by the world and the state it is currently in?

@MeteorZond Absolutely, I’ll say one thing, the Spires lost their world to something. That something
might try and finish the job and it looks glorious.
Chronomancer: I can attest that I’ve seen some very very uber 3D models…

Q: Are we actually seeing Dragons?
@Luck Not yet, no Dragons in the works yet. Unless they are smaller and they have cannons on their backs

Q: I’ll just ask this one too because it was a long discussion the other day. In regards to charging and maximizing contact. Is there any way you can charge a regiment from its front act and end in its side taking the maximizing engaged stands into account? I.E you hit the corner of a regiment from the front and need to preform a wheel, you charged in the front arc, wheeling to the flank would have you engage more stands, but you would be charging from the front and engaging the flank.
Only in science fiction mate This is fantasy fiction. You start and end in the same facing.

Q: So this has come up. Is there possibly gonna be a fix for having enemy units camping your deployment zone and preventing you from charging them and leaving you with a turn of getting smashed or shot of the board? Infiltrators with unstable are really good at this and can really make the game unfun if you cant counter play
@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho)
This is something that could be further looked into, it will end up in our testing notes.

Q: Hello, how the skirmishing game is coming along? Will it play a lot differently than standard conquest? Maybe using a card deck like Warhammer Underworlds?
Now that’s a nice and interesting question 😀

Well I am pleased to say that there are daily games hosted by our testers, and they are having much fun. We believe it is near completion and will be delivered by the Rules department soon.

Your Conquest and games will be like brothers in arms – we have made it so that it is easy for a player playing Conquest to play the skirmish game, and for a player playing the skirmish to swap to Conquest at whim.

I can also confirm that we have not introduced action decks in the skirmish game.

Q: Does decay carry over to another turn if a unit had it applied after it has already activiated?
@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho) That is right, Decay is applied at the end of a Regiment’s activation so if it has already activated then it will be aplied at the end of its next activation.

Q:Jotnar, def 1, really?…

The Jotnar has too many wounds and it is easily accessible to many heroes. For a very welcoming points value I would say. They oughta have some drawback
Leandros: @Chronomancer I second that, it’s pretty easy to field one, or two, or three in my case… I have an issue collecting Jotnars…

I do get the point though, it feels like it should have more. As there is more than one kind of Defense in Conquest (Resolve being one) sometimes we do experiment with a low Defense high Resolve combination. It comes down to overall balance, also remember that with certain builds Nords can reach quite high Resolve values!

Q: My local community is growing constantly, but I got two questions over and over again: When will there be an app for the profiles and army building and the second one is regarding some assembly instructions. Will they continue to improve (they already did from the core box to now, in fact)
@Dorian Yes we will continue to improve them both on the actual instructions and on the sprues themselves. For example the Thanes/Dragonslayers and on have very clearly marked and defined parts

Q: @CM_Leandros the boxes for Houshold Ganurd and Guilded Legion are releasing soon, I’ve pre ordered 4 of each already. What is coming out later this year for 100 Kingdoms?
@Marcus Dracon Oh boy, so all Factions will get a premium release (we will be teasing more soon), then we have Hunter Cadre, Imperial Ranger Corps, Mounted Squires!

Q: Here’s another one that was catching some heat the other day. so with the new rulings on eruption, can it target the center of a 3×3 regiment or would you only have line of sight to the front rank?

This is a nice question also asked by @Auticus 🙂

As per the new FAQ, spells that cause Hits require LoS with the Regiment.
LoS asks that you find an unobstructed line to any stand of the target Regiment. Once you pass your “targeting sequence” to choose a regiment, you enact the spell’s effects which include choosing a Stand of that Regiment (no LoS required).

So, long story short – you must have LOS to the REGIMENT and pick any Stand within range (no LOS).

Q: Can you comment in broad brush strokes the plan to balance current releases with new factions given that the factories can only produce units so quickly?
@Vergilius A huge backlog! We are very comfortable in the backlog we have created, covid might have slowed down the world, but we have designs for a couple of years in advance.
[12:42 PM]Some of my friends aren’t the most thrilled with the QR code’s for stats due to constantly reloading webpages, phone signal and such, have there been any talks of making an app to track all the unit stats in addition to the codes?
@Vanguard Sentinel Yes, absolutely! This has always been our intention and it is something we will absolutely do!

Q: Will we ever get a resin pheomancer? Also you referenced to a miniature you were working on in the video q and a that combines biomancy with pheomancy?
@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho) Yes eventually the Pheromancer will be released separately

Q: Talking about Whadrun, can we get any insight into what their role may be within the game? what kind of twist they may have to them? or am I just going to have to be patient?
@Judgewyrm I am afraid patience here is the name of the game

Q: What will be the next army to debut after the Orc-like ones? When will the City States be released?
@StPattyIce City States are a bit further behind where we have our Whardrun first followed maybe by the Old Dominion

so we can continue having fun, with the releases this year, what regiment has been the trickiest to get “right”
To be honest, the most tricky part of this year’s releases was the development of the Skirmish rules. It was quite a journey getting the mechanics working properly without deviating much from Conquest.

Oh, the sacrifices we’ve made to honor the fan-base…

Q: The Nords seem to be a little bit behind in terms of the number and variety of units they can field. Is this likely to change soon, and what might we expect to see this year for the Nords after the Huskarls?
@Montresor The Nords are getting the better end of the deal in terms of releases, we want to populate them and we have a Captain, Fenr Beastpack, Trolls and Valkyries planned for them among other things!

Q: Would you consider more options for the poses of the characters in the future? i am not a big fan of the Avatara Highborn pose
@Sasori We want to have alternative sculpts for characters in the future. The huge backlog we have in terms of designs caters exactly to that

Q: Has there been any talk of letting mounted characters have access to retinues?
@Judgewyrm No, Cavalry, Brute and Monster Characters will not be receiving Retinues, however we will work towards spicing up items and Masteries further

Q: Is healing a character with a draw event no longer a thing as draw events that affect the next card wont affect characters?
@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho)
It is not very “accurate” to reply with a yes or no.
I mean, Biotic Renewal works just fine, but some e.g. Accelerated Hibernation do not.

Q: Is there any section of the rule book that you can look at and think to yourself, “we can do that better”?
@Sparkr The entirety of the book haha :slight_smile: In all seriousness we accept something very important, no matter how large our playtesting team is we can never play as many games as our Community will. Therefore, we can always do better and will always work towards doing better as long as we listen to your feedback closely

Q: Will there be a way for cavalry characters to take a banner?
@Dashoon As the rules stand currently, no

Q: When will new scenarios and organized play be available?
@Hanna Hey Hanna,
So season 0 has recently been released we are looking at renewing them yearly for now. As the game is being populated we will be releasing a Tournament Pack as well!

Q: So one thing I would really like to see as a vanguard in Corona is an organized play kit that we can use in conjunction with tabletop simulator has there been any talk of that or is it just wishful thinking on my behalf right now.
@Judgewyrm Tabletop simulator is a great platform made by a third party, we do not host events or make use of the platform. We have no involvement in Conquest related material on Tabletop Simulator.
[1:08 PM]How you want to use your OP kit, is up to you

Q: Erm… Koni…. you can’t dangle that there and not say anything…

Dungeon crawler? Campaign book? An entire book dedicated to magics? Please… something…
I can safely announce that we’ve been doing a campaign supplement…

Q: Are you planning to have the Brute Drones at the Pheromancer mainstay, so that you can play a large group of Forced Drones like the picture from the starter box?
Not at the moment – we feel the regiments/heroes system works as is.


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