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Lore Q&A Session 08 Sep 2020

Lore Q&A Session 08 Sep 2020

The below is a transcript of the Lore Q&A conducted on the official discord voice server on the 8th of September, 2020. As it was not textual like the other Q&As, it was transcribed by one of the Vanguards, Judgewyrm. Big thanks goes out to Judgewyrm for being able to attend and take these notes for everyone that was not able to be on the voice session!

Q. AuticusToday at 11:04 AM
I have a question and while I cannot participate in the voice stream if someone could collect the answer that would be great.  I need this for my campaign document for underspire.
Do theist priests call god “God”. Does he have a different name?
Do deist priests call god God.
Who is… God?  At least from the point of view of the humans, was he a named entity from the past or is he something new?

Complicated question, All religions are Veague. Theos for theist priests, deist priests call it Deos. there was a human god at some  point, things changed with the human god, it is complicated now. Hazlia was the human god. Humans know that there gods exist as a fact.

Q.What’s all this I hear about Orcs? Did I make a mistake by getting Nords when Orcs are around the corner?!
Orc molds in Production, Whadrun launch with 2 dual kits, calvary and a brute. Launch in the next few months hopefully. PB has been affected by corona so there are some production issues.

Q.When will we hear more about the City States? I am really intrigued about those Badass Hoplites.
Many factions are getting written right now, the next book should have more information, city states are fairly fleshed out already but still need work. Focus right now is on the living world and how players can affect it.

Q.How advanced were the Exile’s weapons? We currently see them using swords, spears, bows, and crossbows. That’s interesting for a space-faring race
The word used for their travels was “craft” could have been sorcery or other means. They are not generally technically advanced and more information will be shared shortly. Wording is left purposely ambiguous, they are very advanced just not in a way you would think.

Q: In the Companion it says that the dragons were originally primordial beings that chose to give up most of their power for material bodies, in order to experience the life of Ea. Two of them didn’t, choosing to remain astral beings to ‘sacrifice their enjoyment that their brethren might fulfil their dreams’. Obviously they didn’t/couldn’t intervene during the war with the Dweg. What happened to these two dragons, and will they have any influence on the world?
They still exist and are still in the background, the biggest limitation is that they are so powerful it is hard for them to act on things without breaking them. One faction will have a very strong Link to them even if their presence is muted. Also mentioned, who says the dragons never intervened and no one has noticed?

Q.So, if we can shape the lore in such a big way, a globally dominating Church of Theos would be possible? Interesting….
A.Yes absolutely, the point is to let the players run wild, reunite the empire, have the sovereign go back to his homeworld, have the Dweghom break the world again do it all. Players will have a lot of power in this setting. Player enthusiasm will also drive the sequence of faction releases after the next 2 factions ( whadrun and city states). Looks like players will be able to vote on factions to be released and events to happen. Choices will have a big impact.

Q: Technology is something that is being quite “absent” from the universe as of right now. We do have some sort of advanced tech with Biomancy, but it is closer to magic, and the quality of craftsmanship of the Dweghom could be seen as being advanced technologically, but that’s pretty much it. Does a faction like the 100k have some sort of university researching technology (war machines ) and could we see non-monster factions resorting to technology to face those monsters instead of magic ?
Tech is critical in world building, a lot of thought was put into it. The Main reason for the tech stagnation is that other forces are actively working to stop it on many levels. Think inquisitors, the suppression of knowledge, and the hoarding of materials needed. Heavily implied to be the work of the City States but more info to come.

Q.I read in the Companion that there are sacred books explaining the Genesis of the universe and the existence of the Four Horsemen. How do 100K people feel about them (the Horsemen)? Do they fear them as demons? Respect them? Is there existence a secret kept in the Church?
They are not favorably viewed by the theist church, many things that break the balance of the world are not viewed favorably by the church. There will be more developments soon, the horsemen were dealt with a long time ago so they are not well known, as for demons they have been confirmed to exist and the relationship is complicated. There is a reason the church may not know much about the horsemen. ( answer was hard to follow tried to grab bullet points )

Q. Is cloning the only way the Spire reproduce? Or did they just use cloning as a way to bolster their population after what happened?
Cloning is not the only way of spire reproduction, there is a massive social stigma against non cloning reproduction as it carries many uncertainties about the end “Product”. It is not the Accepted way of doing things within their society.

Q.If Ëa is the name of the world, what is the name of the continent we know about?
Sutulia(spelling)? Nords named it. Can be found on the website but they blanked on the answer.

Q.Many of the factions have been inspired by real world cultures (Nords/Vikings, City States/Greeks etc), and there’s been hints of others (the Keltonni, oriental faction, Egyptian names etc). What cultures will be part of factions in the future? (aside from City States/Old Dominion).
Everything, Zulu, Aztech, Maori, Eastern.Melding fantasy and history makes for more dynamic worlds. Goal is to base your lore with something that already exists and mold it from there. You will see almost every Real world race or creed be represented in Conquest in some way.. Sometimes they will be mixed like the City States.

Q.Almost all factions have inner differences that could be represented on the tabletop, like humans from Russ vs humans from Galania. Do you plan to support these differences with actual kits / minis or is this left to us to convert our collection to our imagination ?
A.Yes they do plan on releasing cosmetic kits. Their intent is to allow you to choose the location of your army and have kits to support it in total (Example: I am playing 100 Kingdoms but from this region specifically.). Easier for human factions then non human factions..

Q.So the Quiet can reproduce “normally”, or do they have some sort of classic ‘elvish’ like difficulties to reproduce ? -> Could they now be a huge faction with a lot of people ?
Trying to keep to the tropes, there is no biological limit but there are cultural ones that will hold them back and keep them from becoming huge/overpopulated.

Q.In the Ardent novel and the Inferno Automata lore we see there are monsters in the underground that Dweghoms fight, fear etc. Do you plan to describe or use them? In a bigger scope, do you plan to describe the fauna of the world, especially the fantastic fauna?

Or whatever the Spires release in nature by “””””””accident”””””””””
There are things in the deep/ flora and fauna but they have little effect on the game itself. In the lore they are important and conquest was never meant to be just a wargame. We will get more in depth with these in time. What the Dweghom fight are different entirely, think spawns of destruction, aspects of the trapped horsemen.

Q.PIRATES! How could I forget! Is there Piracy going on in the Ocean, if so: could they be a possible faction? I mean apart from the obvious Nords, I mean a spire accident could turn the Flora and Fauna into sentient beings…. Imagine getting chomped by pissed of plants….
Something mentioned but have not underlined, the bitter sea is kind of a kingdom in and of itself. Admiral star is the king of the bitter sea and the only way a character like that can be cool is if he has something to fight, He needs adversaries. Of course there are pirates and while they may not be a faction themselves they are in the world. Possible mercenary human faction in the future. Acknowledgement that “Spirates” already exist in the form of the trade princes and their privateers.

Q.About the army of Conquest, we know that the Wadrhun were a part of his army and received its fragments, but were they the only ones ? Or are other factions also ‘from’ Conquest ?
Some assumptions going on here. Not the army of conquest which has been around for a long time but the whadrun serve a fragment of Conquest. Conquest was shattered so it couldn’t fight balance again, some fragments are bigger than others but hold the same ideals. The Whadrun are led by a fragment that acts as their living god. Other factions are similar and worship/serve a horseman, a fragment of a celestial being, or another primordial force. Many gods of factions act as a continuation of the ancient struggle.

Q. Charles Martell’s bloodline came to an end centuries after him in ‘one fateful night of bloodletting’ where every last descendant was murdered. This must have been a massive logistical nightmare, for saying how many must have died and it happening in just one night! But who organised this and carried out the massacre is never expanded upon. What conspiracy had the power and reach to do this and do they still exist?
They do still exist, everyone who mattered was removed but not the entire bloodline and you pay for the sins of your past. Possible cover up referenced to, and real life examples given of how an entire family can be removed overnight. That is all that can be given right now.

Q.I need to get one Q in, Can you tell us just about anything about the whadrun we don’t know?
Many things, sometimes we can’t keep track of what you know and what we know.  We can go into what went into their making. You can play around with a trope a lot but it still needs to be recognisable. They are based on orcs but the general orc tropes are limiting, they either end up violent or stupid. It is hard to write that as them not being evil. They were created to be a warrior race but they are fighting that instinct. Everything they do has an internal fight to it and their living god is trying to keep them away from that drive. They are a surprisingly innocent race, they are young and fiery. One idea for them is a faction of seafaring orcs that act as explorers to escape their god.

Q.In a perfect world, as Conquest continues to grow, have you talked or thought about what other creative mediums you’d like to see the stories of Conquest told in? For example, novels, graphic novels, audiobooks or audio dramas, animated short films like Nepenthe?
Pretty much yes to everything. A lot of mediums have been looked into and the focus of each must be the game. Nothing solid right now but it’s happening.

Q.What is living in the Windlands that has the Great Captain, Raycom Meylnolds seems to be terrified of?
Something that leaves very big footprints. It gets much worse.

Q.Can we get any info about the Weavers’ Life Binding? How exactly is it different from Biomancy?
Life binding is much slower and much more of a spiritual thing. Biomance is quicker and more invasive.


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