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April 2020 Q&A Session

April 2020 Q&A Session

So a few announcemnts:

One is that we will be doing weekly Online hangouts including FAQ’s like this one! The purpose for this is to provide a platform on which to hangout and talk about everything Conquest! This will not just be hosted by me or members of the team, but from Vanguards and members of our community that like conquest and want to share their painting skills with the rest of you

We wll be running an RPG campaign between the team and let you explore the world of Conquest through our eyes as we move on with our adventures! We made it so there is room for us to invite you throughout the campaigns and participate!

There will be guides and painting sessions from our team and a bit more focus on specific Kingdoms, Holds, Spires etc. to help you flesh out your armies.

It’s not a secret that we will be also doing a Skirmish game. This version of Conquest will play on the Warband level and allow you to play with a few miniatures about 20-30 soldiers. The point is to allow you to explore factions that you want to get a taste of and provide you with one more tool with which to recreate lore related conflicts

The game will enter closed beta very soon! With the help of our wonderful Vanguards, test groups and game designer!

Other question : in the instance where a unit is killed before being activated, is its card kept until the end of the current turn, or is it removed from the command deck ?
@Vanguard Corcaedus – France
When you draw that card discard it and draw the next

(this is covered in the rulebook)

So Conquest Skirmish, will be an in-between with 20 models. Are we going to be able to play with every model ? From abomination to militia ?
Yes, on that scale Command upgrades will be playable characters as well


@CM_Leandros I have a few questions, how do reserve units enter the battlefield from their respective reserve lines? Do they have to take a reform action to face down field? Or do they enter, full formation, facing the line of scrimmage?
@Heath – Vanguard – STL, MO

Imagine they begin their March outside of the table. In that sense you can march them in, in any formation and facing as long as they have enough Movement to full enter

Will there be additional abilities and powers added to the spire at a later date?
@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho) That is the case with all factions. Actually the new rulebook with the next rules update brings a lot of extra abilities to the game for all. Rules will be available online


because corona has mixed things up :frowning: is there a new release date for the hardcover rulebook?
@Sal Currently the company that prints for us has shut down due to the corona virus. I will have an update by the end of next week
CM_Leandros Do you know when we’ll see the next batch of preorders go up on the website?
@BTJ – Dublin, Ireland I don’t have that information now, however you will be getting a lot more news as we are launching our new websited next week :slight_smile:

@CM_Leandros if a ranged regiment has a melee character in its formation, and a enemy unit comes base to base with that character, can the character do a melee attack against the enemy if the archers shoot at a different unit?
@Heath – Vanguard – STL, MO If there is a single engaged Stand in a Regiment then everyone is in combat.
is it possible for the 1.03 version of the rules to go online before the printed version? I know for my efforts in the tabletop simulator mod, the new rules for infantry characters would be helpful to know now so I can get them right on their trays :slight_smile:
@Vanguard Auticus We would like to have the rules out online when the books get out. There are a lot of folks that bought the Founders bundle with the signed rulebooks and we would like to give them a first insight into the new rules
1. In the Skirmish game are the models still going to be bound to the movement trays or are the going to be able to move freely as individual models like a more traditional tabletop skirmish game?
2. Are the units we currently see in the army builder (even the ones without models yet) the only units currently being worked on for those factions or are there other units being created in the background? I know a lot of effort is being put into new factions just curious if factions unit selection will be expanded on at a later date.

1. The miniatures will move freely around a Leader and possibly a Standard that acts a second leader (regarding whether you have upgraded for that)
2. The Regiments you see on the Army builder are the ones we want to have a fully fleshed out faction. That does not mean that no other new Factions will come out before we get them out, they are there to give you a sense of how far each faction will go.

We will be creating more than the ones you see on the army lists

@CM_Leandros But really – with COVID-19 going on, how has this impacted your plans and realistically, what kinds of things can we expect in the future in terms of store releases and preorders?

@Vanguard Corvus I think what all businesses have in common regardless of industry is that there has been a lot of uncertainty on the deliverables. For example materials such as the Rulebook or Spell cards have been postponed with no real knowledge of exactly when they will printed as companies have closed down and rightfully so.
so it’s the lack of internal visibility that is stressing most businesses
Regarding balance issues, how frequently will we have update on points, class and rules ?
@Silva Honestly, we are open with the fact that it will happen whenever it is needed. That is also why we implemented the QR system with the Command cards

When can we expect more Lore about the Church of Theist? The priest ist like my all time favorite model and I thirst for more lore
@Miles (Kiel- Germany) Actually Im pretty sure there is lore on the Theists in the Hardback rulebook! there is a lot of art and lore in there!
@CM_Leandros We know the HHG/Guilded Legion, Avatara, Huscarls, Lineage Highborn, & flameforged are due soon, are there any non-Spires characters and/or upgrades due to come out alongside them?
@BTJ – Dublin, Ireland Nord Skald and Dweghom Herald of Fire might have been spotted in the office before the lockdown :stuck_out_tongue:
Im the local dwarf Dweghom player so I have to detest any iteration of orc but I have to say ive loved the stuff ive seen about the Wahrdrun.
@TexasNative Thanks! I love how the writers have taken concepts and flipped them on their heads. The classical fantasy tropes are great but it needs to work within the world they are inhabiting
@CM_Leandros You said before that the skirmish game is played with 20-30 miniatures, have you tried a version with less? Like 5-10?
@Agar (Sasorijap) The skirmish is to be played more on the Warband scale not the “squad” scale. A game with less miniatures would require significant changes to the rules and it would stray appart from some of the basic conquest rules. However we are Para Bellum Wargame(s) not Wargame so you never know
has any thought gone into a persistent campaign rule set? with the realism you are putting into your rules I think a campaign where your units get better after battles would be really fun.

@Judgewyrm Yes and there will be a living interactive campaign, we have talked about it but its becoming more fleshed out on the backend

@Judgewyrm you may like its a map campaign with unit progression
@Vanguard Auticus Stormlands! Auticus has done a great job!
When FGD are created they are instilled with basic instincts. That is let’s say as an OS on which pheromones are used to command. So they do a few things on their own that could be as simple as collect a piece of bone
The minis are really well designed but I must ask will there be a mold revision possible for things like marksmen who have some wacky gate placement I.E the arrows and charms?

@Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho) I know what you’re talking about! There has been a lot of learning and revisiting our processes since our first plastics. The immediate steps that we are taking is to implement the things we learn on our new kits.
Any plans for global tournament system ala ITC? Rankings, standings, larger regional invitationals?

@Darkfine That is always a great next step once competitive play has been established. We are putting efforts into bringing competitive play out asap
Will there be an option to sell the upgrade sprues for the starter set regiments seperately? I need banners!!

@David ”FragEmAll” Richardson Actually I don’t know the answer to that. However I will keep it in mind and have an answer for next Q&A!
=================================================================How fleshed out will the skirmish system be? Will it be a “Conquest” lite option without much crunch or will it be something more substantial?

@Darkfine We are looking at substantial ruleset. It feels like Conquest to be able to dip into it whenever you like but there is merit in investing your time in it
@CM_Leandros For official tournaments and such – would you allow mostly Conquest minis but with 3rd party heads or parts (3D printed or otherwise)?

@Vanguard Corvus The line is that minor parts such as a “head” or decorative pieces are fine to be 3rd party but the miniatures need to be from the Conquest line
So, the two player box is a steal, and great for Spires & 100k, but everything else is quite similar in price to GW, which is giving a few local lads not interested in Spires/100k pause for thought. Any plans for similar boxes for the other armies going forward?

@BTJ – Dublin, Ireland The two player box is a great introductory set for players that want to get a taste of Conquest. There will be good deals for all the factions but the two player set will not be there forever
will there be any more beginner content coming out? youtube or otherwise. I think it could be helpful to go over list building and the like.

@Judgewyrm Yes! One of the main goals for the hangouts is to be able to discuss with newcomers how these things work! So I want to get in touch with new players and help them as much as I can. However, I also believe that the best way to do this is like you say through tutorials and videos and that is something that id like to have as soon as the team can gather in the office again
@Judgewyrm – there are also a few of us vanguards and otherwise that create videos so if you have anything you’d like us to cover please feel free to give a shout out
BTJ – Dublin, IrelandToday at 1:13 PM
How long is season 0 of the organised play intended to run on for?

CM_LeandrosToday at 1:13 PM
Agree with Auticus, our Vanguards are doing incredible work and create great content!
How long is season 0 of the organised play intended to run on for?

@BTJ – Dublin, Ireland 1 year after its release
Are there plans for infantry character stands?
@PraetorDragoon Yes along with the retinues for the new rules
Can you give us a tease of what a retinue member might bring to a character?

@David ”FragEmAll” Richardson Sure! So retinues are “upgrades”that come with a miniature that enchance a Characters abilities. For example a scholar to a 100K character could provide the enemy interference ability
or get a bodyguard that enchances survivability etc

Can you give us a tease of what a retinue member might bring to a character?
@David ”FragEmAll” Richardson Sure! So retinues are “upgrades”that come with a miniature that enchance a Characters abilities. For example a scholar to a 100K character could provide the enemy interference ability
or get a bodyguard that enchances survivability etc

Jediluke69(Kira Nagisho)Today at 1:18 PM
Vanguard AuticusToday at 1:19 PM
yep me as well. those are awesome little attentions to detail.

The retinue system looks like a lot of investment into characters, are you not afraid that people will fear to place them inside small units even more than before ?
@Chocossimo – France Hey! It makes a lot of sense what you’re saying. It definately makes you more careful on how much you overexted with your characters. You do not need to invest in a Retinue but if you do reap all the benefits it comes with certain risks
Any plans to support Skirmish organized play? Tournament/league kits, prize support, ongoing narratives? It is a great idea to get people into the world but I see it going the way of KIllteam were new players still aren’t supported enough to actually do it and old players aren’t interested in downsizing their game time. Even if the end game is a larger community
@Darkfine Yes, we want to support it as much as Conquest
is Gencon your next convention date if things pan out? I know Origin is coming up in June, didn’t know if PB would make an appearance.
CM_LeandrosToday at 1:23 PM
Yes Gencon is the next one, covid willing. We were not planning on attending Origins this year
Guys we will be wrapping up the Q&A soon so last call on questions


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