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Vanguard Path of Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms Milestone 4

Vanguard Path of Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms Milestone 4


Path of Conquest – Milestone 4 Update

Milestone 4 has been achieved! This has been an intensive 4 month project and has seen my Hundred Kingdoms develop from a basic 500 point “Start Collecting” box to a mighty 2000 point force containing a wide variety of units. My army now consists of 5 characters and 7 regiments and looks like this:

Noble Lord with Arms Master – 80 pts

6 stands Household Guard with Banner – 320 pts

Mounted Noble Lord with Arms Master – 115 pts

3 stands Mercenary Crossbowmen – 105 pts

5 stands Household Knights with Banner – 295 pts

Chapter Mage with Fire Dart, magic retinue 1, – 90 pts

5 stands Men at Arms with Seasoned Veteran and Banner– 225 pts

Theist Priest with Holy Fire, Magic Retinue 1 – 75 pts    

5 stands Militia Spearmen with Banner – 165 pts

Imperial Officer with Tier 3 Tactical Retinue, Double time – 125 pts

3 stands Imperial Rangers – 120 pts

5 stands Steel Legion with Banner – 275 pts

The complete army has 3 Light regiments, 3 Medium regiments and a single heavy regiment. We have 2 combat characters, 2 ranged casters and a support character. I am incredibly pleased that I do not have any duplicate regiments or characters, with each of them fulfilling a different role. It really feels like a combined arms force.

We have added a new Character and two new units so let’s have a look at them in greater details:

Imperial Officer

I have already published an article about the various ways you can build this versatile support character (Link to the article is here: In summary, He is not going to smash face in combat but he can really buff the regiment he is attached. For this force I will be attaching him to my Steel Legion.

The build I have chosen for this list is a cheap variant of the “Movement Supercharger”. We have given him the Double Time Battlefield Drill, which is a draw event that lets his regiment march 3 times as long as they are the next command card in the stack. This really gets them into position quickly which is vital as they are a heavy weight class and will normally be one of the last to arrive. To assist them even further, we have given the Officer a tier 3 Tactical Retinue. This is expensive at 50 points but grants the Flank special rule to the regiment he is attached to, which means I can bring them on automatically rather than rolling on the reinforcement table.

Between the extra march moves and the guarantee of coming on in turn 3 if I choose, the Steel Legion can really have an early impact. Another bonus of the tactical retinue is that I can reroll up to 3 failed resolve checks which will keep them in the fight longer.

Imperial Rangers

I am really quite chuffed with these. The models for Imperial Rangers are not out yet, so this is a kit-bash using the bodies of Mercenary Crossbowmen, the arms and quivers of the Militia Bowmen, and cloaks from the Household Guard. The heads are a mix of militia, crossbowmen and some third-party models.

They are an accurate and fast ranged regiment with a volley of 3 and a movement of 6”. They have the Vanguard special rule which allows them to make a triple march move the turn they arrive from reinforcement. It is this that makes them stand out, as they can really push up the reinforcement line, allowing the army to play much more aggressively from the side of the table. Once they have fulfilled this primary role they can happily engage enemy regiments at range with their bow fire. They lack armour piercing shots but can still cause decent casualties as they are so accurate. Rangers only have a defence of 1 though, so are vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Steel Legion

Finally, we have our most heavy hitting regiment. The Steel Legion have a mighty Cleave 2, so will easily dent the most heavily armoured foe. Their clash of 3 (4 when Inspired) means that these heavy blows will connect a lot of the time. However they only have a defence and resolve of 3 each which is not the best in the world when it comes to elite units.

The resolve rerolls from the Imperial Officer will help a bit, but you have to be aware that the Legion are simply not as tough as their elite counterparts in other factions. They need to be used carefully (the movement buffs from the Officer help with this), but can deliver an absolute hammer blow if allowed to get the charge.


This milestone completes my Path of Conquest and it has been a wonderful adventure. I have actually now gone as far as naming all of my characters, and am writing up the fluff and backstory of my Kingdom of Hamwicz, and the exploits and history of the redoubtable Lord Franck. My challenge for Milestone 5 will be to refine this into an article to be published on Underspire. Whilst face-to-face gaming is still not a thing in the UK at the time of writing, I will also be taking the force out for a spin on Tabletop Simulator against one of my fellow Vanguards to see how the full force performs.



David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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