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Path of Conquest: Dave’s 100 Kingdoms Milestone 1

Path of Conquest: Dave’s 100 Kingdoms Milestone 1

Well that month went rather quick didn’t it! I now have a completed core to my lovely new Hundred Kingdoms force and thought I would go into a bit of depth about the strengths and weaknesses of the units I have so far.

Noble Lord on Foot

My mighty leader! This guy is the most combat orientated character in the Hundred Kingdoms roster. He has a decent number of attacks, with a decent clash value. He can boost his power even more by selecting a Weapon Art – a selection of skills that will enhance him further. My personal favourite is “Armsmaster”, as it gives him Cleave 2 which will help him punch through enemy defences. As the points levels increase in future milestones I will also be adding an heirloom and some of the brilliant combat retinue to make him even more scary to face. For now though, we are aiming to get to 1000 points by the end of milestone 2 and as points are a bit tight I’ll keep calm and just have the armsmaster skill.

With his supremacy ability granting the “Fury” draw event to him and his regiment, he will be throwing out 6 attacks at cleave 2, hitting on 3 or less (4 or less if I inspire or charge!) that is tasty!

Militia Spearmen

My Militia Spearmen  have the honour of being my Noble Lords bodyguard for milestone 1 & 2. Lets be honest – their stats are rubbish! “THEN WHY THE HELL TAKE THEM DAVE?” I hear you cry? Well there are loads of reasons actually. The first is that they’re REALLY cheap. 90 points buys you 3 whole stands! In my 1000 point list I’ll be boosting them to 5 stands strong (so they’ll have 6 in total with the Noble Lord in there) to boost their power. In Conquest, your regiments get a bonus to their  resolve if they are in bigger units. With a resolve of 2 naturally, they’ll suffer a lot of casualties due to panic etc…. If they have at least 4 stands, the regiment will get +1 to their resolve. This is further amplified by the fact that you use the highest resolve in the unit, as the Noble Lord has a resolve of 3 naturally, they’ll be passing resolve checks on a 4 or less – much sturdier!!!

You remember I said about rubbish stats? They have a clash of 1. That’s right, a 1 in 6 chance of hitting something. Utter trash!!! But lets not forget that if we inspire, we add +1 to that, 33% hit chance isn’t so bad. Then we add in the support rule, meaning that unengaged stands (Those that aren’t in contact with the enemy) contribute 2 attacks rather than 1. Then we factor in that the Noble Lord has the “Fury” draw event, which means that engaged stands have +1 attack. Suddenly we are rolling 16 attacks (assuming in a 3 wide formation with the noble lord in front rank), which is a huge volume of attacks. Statistically that is 5 hits per round, before we even worry about the Lords attacks. With the Lord being a medium weight character, they can also score an objective! I’ll even give them a banner to get them to that objective that little bit quicker, and to ensure that all those juicy attacks connect with the charge distance reroll.

This is a fine example of using combinations of characters and abilities to buff your regiments. On their own, militia are a distraction, and a cheap way of moving up your reinforcement line. With the Noble Lord attached they become sturdier from a resolve point of view, more efficient in combat, and can score objectives.

Household Knights

My final unit for milestone 1 is a 3 stand regiment of Household Knights with a banner. These add a decent amount of mobility to the force, and can hit like a hammer on the charge. As medium cavalry they gain impact attacks, which are bonus attack rolls when they charge in. This really amplifies the damage that they do with their first strike, especially as they have the “Brutal Impact 2” special rule which puts a -2 penalty on the enemy defence rolls on these attacks. Those lances hurt!!! Although only 3 strong, this unit will roll 6 dice for impact hits, and then 12 attacks for their normal attacks, which has the potential to devastate an entire regiment on the charge.

The impact attacks also open up another interesting tactical choice for us. A regiment gets 2 actions per turn. Normally you charge for your first action, and then attack as your second which limits the distance the regiment can travel as it charges (unless it wants to make a longer move to tie up an enemy regiment and give up its chance to attack). Because impact attacks are a free benefit of the charge, this means that we can move and then charge, and still get our impact attacks! Totally not recommended for smashing into a 6 strong regiment of spearmen that hasn’t activated yet, but if you see an abomination staggering around on 1 wound, or a unit of enemy crossbowmen that haven’t shot yet then gamble! SOUND THE CHARGE and get in there with your 16”+D6” threat range and hope your impact hits connect!

One last thing regarding the knights. Each faction in Conquest has a deck of secondary objective cards, which are themed around various aspects of their in game character. Three out of the Ten Hundred Kingdom cards score you victory points for wiping regiments on the charge. Knights are a really decent tool for scoring those victory points. It is always something to consider from a gaming point of view as there is a decent chance you’ll get at least 1 of those cards in your hand.


I have merely touched on the various tactical aspects of these regiments, but hopefully I’ve given you some useful information, and given you an insight on how I am playing them. Milestone 2 is up next, and for me this will be the contents of the 2 player starter set. This will give me another 3 Household Knights, a mounted Noble Lord, 3 stands of crossbowmen and 6 stands of men at arms. This mass of bodies will take me up to a nice round 1000 points with a few upgrades. I’ll talk about those units in the next article.

If you have any comments about this article then let me know! I’m always lurking on the Conquest Facebook page, and on the Conquest Discord channel and I do love to chat about this game!

David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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