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Vanguard Path of Conquest: 100 Kingdoms

Vanguard Path of Conquest: 100 Kingdoms

Daves Hundred Kingdoms Milestone 3

Welcome back to my ongoing Path of Conquest, where I attempt to assemble a mighty Hundred
Kingdoms force over the space of several months of expansion. Milestone 3 has been successfully
achieved, and all of a sudden I am looking at a 1500 point army that feels solid and balanced!

As mentioned at the end of my milestone 2 update (link here: ) my plan was to add some heavy hitters to the growing force this month. We are also shuffling around the composition of the army to allow the characters to fit in.

This is one of the best things about Conquest in my opinion. You cannot simply take what you want.
Each character brings along their own warband and certain regiments are only unlocked by certain
characters. It adds another element to a game and makes you think.

I am adding a Chapter Mage and a Theist Priest to the force this month. These will both be built as
ranged magic wielding artillery pieces. To fit them in, each needs to be fielded in a regiment from
their available regiments.

At the end of Last month, my force looked like this:

Noble Lord with Arms Master – 80 pts
5 stands Militia Spearmen with Banner – 165 pts
6 stands Men At Arms with Seasoned Veteran – 240 pts
Mounted Noble Lord with Arms Master – 115 pts
3 stands Crossbow – 105 pts
5 stands Household Knights with Standard – 290 pts

A Chapter Mage can only be fielded with a Men at Arms regiment. She has no other choices. We
already have 2 mainstay regiments with my Noble Lord on Foot, so that is an easy decision. The men
at arms are removed from the Noble Lords warband and instead fielded with the Mage.

The Theist Priest can select from Militia, Militia Bowmen or Sicarri. Now Sicarri are amazing but they
are no yet released, so we have to rely on Militia for now. This is no hardship as I have a soft spot for
the untrained rabble. We already have a Militia Regiment with the Noble Lord so we will shift them
out of his warband as well and make a new one with the Priest in it.

This leaves our poor Noble Lord on foot with no warband. How lonely! Characters MUST have a
regiment to deploy in. they are not allowed to be fielded alone. Luckily for us my big regiment this
month was a big block of Household Guard. 6 stands of Halberd wielding professional soldiers will
form the new bodyguard for my Noble Lord.

The army now looks like this:

Noble Lord with Arms Master – 80 pts
6 stands Household Guard with Banner – 320 pts
Mounted Noble Lord with Arms Master – 115 pts
3 stands Crossbow – 105 pts
5 stands Household Knights with Standard – 290 pts
Chapter Mage with Fire Dart, magic retinue 1, chapter scroll – 105 pts
6 stands Men at Arms with Seasoned Veteran – 240 pts
Theist Priest with Holy Fire, Magic Retinue 1 – 75 pts
5 stands Militia Spearmen with Banner – 165 pts

We have added a regiment and two characters so lets review them in greater detail:

Household Guard
These chaps are a mainstay regiment for the Noble Lord. They are a close combat unit with cleave 1
which reduces the enemy defence save by 1, and Support which means that unengaged stands
contribute 2 attacks instead of 1. I have gone for a big regiment of 6 stands in this force, which
together with the Noble lord himself will unleash a storm of attacks at whatever they contact. They
are defence 3 which is respectable and are a medium regiment, so will come on to the field fairly
early and will be able to score objectives.

Chapter Mage
This character adds some really decent ranged punch to the army. Her Fire Dart spell has a 16” range
and any hits caused are Armour Piercing 2, so will reduce the enemy defence score by 2. I cannot
overstate how good this is. She is one of only 2 characters and regiments who have AP2 with a
ranged attack. This makes her really potent. Spell attacks are also unlike volley actions from
crossbows etc in that they cause the enemy regiment to make Resolve checks for each wound
suffered. With a good roll this character can make a big dent in enemy forces. The other good thing
about spells is that they are utilised in the characters own activation, rather than the parent
regiments, so she can flay the enemy at range with her spell whilst still moving around the
battlefield freely with her regiment.

She is protected nicely by the Men at Arms with their defence of 4 (when they activate their Bastion
draw event from the Seasoned Veteran) but she is vulnerable to enemy characters duelling her as
she has a defence of 1 herself. I have boosted her magical capabilities by giving her a level 1 magic
retinue. This grants her an additional dice roll when casting spells, which in the case of Fire Dart will
hopefully generate an extra hit. She has her own volley weapon in addition to her spell which shoots
4 times up to 20” range. this is really useful if the Men at Arms are sitting on an objective and you
still want to kill something in their activation (Character volley attacks happen when the regiment
activates). As an aside the magic retinue grants her blessed which lets her reroll any failed
clash/volley or defence rolls once per turn, thus making her volley attack even more likely to strike

I have also given her a Chapter Scroll magical heirloom. This is a 15 point upgrade and lets you cast
another spell from any available to a chapter mage once per game. You select the spell before the
game starts and I will be using this to cast Ninuahs’ Tears. A healing spell that lets you recover 2
wounds per success. This will certainly keep her Men at Arms in the game for longer.

Theist Priest
This character is a spell caster like the Mage. We have boosted him with the magic retinue 1 again to
enhance his casting. He has the Holy Fire spell which is again a ranged spell, but shorter ranged than
the Fire Dart at 12”. It does not have any armour piercing value, but generates 2 hits per successful
spell roll meaning it is utterly devastating against lightly armoured enemies.

The Priest will come onto the field nice and early as his accompanying Militia regiment is a light
weight class. Most of the light units in the game are not that heavily armoured so if he can get into
range early, he has the potential to wipe out entire light regiments with a single spell. This damage
potential is a great way of denying areas of the battlefield to the enemy as the opposing player will
want to avoid such a potent blast.

Another useful tactical consideration is that he is a medium weight character class in a light
regiment. So he CAN score objectives, even though his regiment cannot. This is useful for an
objective grab to put pressure on the enemy in the early game.

My army now consists of 3 solid infantry combat regiments, each with a character to boost their
power. In addition we have a useful ranged regiment to lay down supporting fire and we have a
mobile mounted regiment accompanying our Warlord that can deliver some serious damage when

I am so happy with how the army has come together. It looks good on the table and should be able
to compete against any enemy.

Next month for Milestone 4 I am adding an Imperial Officer for some wonderful tactical options, a
big regiment of Steel Legion for some really powerful close combat punch, and a regiment of
Imperial Rangers to add more early game flexibility and ranged power. That will take us up to 2000
points in 4 months and will complete my Path of Conquest!

David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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  • Brian McGonigle
    Brian McGonigle
    December 21, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Can’t believe you’ve not got the best regiment the 100 Kingdoms can field yet? No, not the Steel Legion, the totally awesome militia bowmen. The feeling you get when you actually hit with them is second only to when they engage with Force Grown Drones and actually wipe them out…

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