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Underspire Summer Hobby Contest

Underspire Summer Hobby Contest

The summer of Corona 2020 is in mid swing, and to celebrate one year of Conquest, the Underspire is sponsoring its next contest which features YOUR creativity and ideas!

Due Date: Monday September 21st, 2020

The Underspire is searching for the very best battle scene. Not only do we want to see individual painted models, but we’re looking for composition in this piece. We’re looking for YOU to show us what a battlefield in Ea might look like! Bring the world to life with your hobbying skills! This piece will be judged based on not only individual model painting, but on landscape, backdrop, composition, and photography.


The piece will contain opposing factions and EACH faction will contain one regiment or brute/cavalry box alongside ONE character model facing off against the same. Conversions and custom sculpting is allowed and encouraged but the models must be centered around para bellum models (so you can’t use historical middle ages models for men at arms for example).

Winners will be announced in shortly thereafter, and the grand prize is a vanguard voucher’s worth made available via paypal.


Software engineer, data science, machine learning, AI, game designer, and writer.

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