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Tubro Dork Color Shift Paints

Tubro Dork Color Shift Paints

This month we were given the pleasure of testing out the new Turbo Dork paint series that you can get from Para Bellum along with an Inferno Automata model. The images above are an example of hand brushing these paints onto a model over something that has been primed BLACK (which was what was recommended by the paint itself on the instructions that come on the paint pot itself).

These are listed as airbrush paints that you can also hand brush. Airbrush paints are VERY thin, and this is not a paint line you can just slap on one coat over and go on your way. You really have to apply 3-5 very thin layers to get the colors you want.

The model above had very little else done to it other than using the Turbo Dork paints. I did apply some nuln oil and earthshade to the metal and gold areas to bring out some detail.

Silvers and Golds – you get Silver Fox and Cartridge Family – after 2-3 layers, these paints did produce a strong pigment and provided the base color for everything else seen minus the flames

Flames – The flames were done in Forrest Flux. This appears to be red in the bottle but when applied provides a red to green shimmering color shift effect. You can see this in the flames in the pictures.

Ground is Lava – This color is also red in the bottle and when applied provides a glowing reddish color. I applied the colors inside of the vent holes and at the base of the flames.

Shell Shocked – This is a pearl white color in the bottle and when applied provides a white to purple pearl like effect. I used this on the shoulder plates of the model.

Overall – The colors do provide an interesting effect that you may find nice on your models for certain effects. The model images above were done not to provide competition level style painting examples, but to provide what the colors look as a base and what you could do to them with layers of other colors is pretty much indefinite.


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