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Tale of Four Gamers: Spires

Tale of Four Gamers: Spires

It sounded great to begin a new army for this write-up in the style of “A tale of four gamers.”  I love this game and want to show my readers the hobbying process.  I am the lucky guy who got the Spires for this series, a faction which, up until recently I had very little knowledge of.  Over the last month I have thrown myself into this faction and have fallen in love with it. While the Spire are powerful, power has never been my primary interest in miniature games.  I find the Spires fun to play, and I am happy to start exploring it further.

I have a simple plan going forward:  Grab the Start Playing Spires box.  It contains the High Clone Executor, two Clone kits, and some Brute Drones.   After that, in month two, we move to the Spire half of the Two Player Starter Box.   Month three expands this fun further as we add two kits of Avatara and a Linneage Highborne to command them.  In our fourth and final month, we finish off the list with a few extra upgrade kits, most likely a box of Force Grown Drones and another Clones duel kit.

One of the best parts about collecting a Spire army right now is how easy it is to access it.  The Spires have two big boxes, the original Core starter and the Start Playing Spires box, that allow you to get the majority of an army on the table for a fraction of the price of its individual kits.  My plan is easy enough to start and I think the end product will result in a balanced list that will be a good showing for what the Spire can do.

Now that you’ve seen the plan, month one is the cornerstone of the list.  Everything in the Start Playing Box is a home run for the Spire, especially the Vanguard Clone Infiltrators which are probably (definitely) too good in the current state of the game, but I find them a bit hard to utilize for a first time player so we will be skipping on these guys and instead making both boxes into Vanguard Clones. The High Clone Executor will find his way into most lists as your commander because of his great supremacy ability, Coordinated Assault, which allows you to activate three units in succession on the turn that you activate it.  He’s also generally a great tool kit character.  Finally the Vanguard Clones and Brute Drones add a much needed melee punch to the Spires army.  These 4 units will be the perfect start to our Spire force and will total us 600 points on the nose by taking double time on our High Clone Executor. For everyone who likes to see what’s going on, the list for month one will look something like this.

  • High Clone Executor                 70 pts
    • Double Time                     15 pts
  • Vanguard Clones (3 stands)    165 pts
  • Vanguard Clones (3 stands)   165 pts
  • Brute Drones (3 Stands)         180 pts

Month two will bring us the Spire half of the Two Player Starter Box, If you can find yourself a 100k player to split this box with you, even better; but if not, the box itself is a great value either way. What we will add to our force this month will be a Pheromancer, which is a solid support character (while being slightly overshadowed by the Biomancer). We also get six glorious stands of Force Grown Drones, the backbone of any Spire army. The Spire love their expendable units and man, are Force Grown Drones expendable.

We also will add three more stands of Brute Drones along with one big and bad Abomination, to get the armor penetration we desperately need. With the additions from Month two we can effectively run a 1250 point army. The units themselves total 1160 points which leave us just shy of 100 points to play with for upgrade. Unlike above, I will go over the coming lists and upgrades for them as we get to them.

Month three is where we start adding some upgrade kits to our army. The Avatara are the newest Spire toys and are as formidable as they look. We are adding two boxes of Avatara along with a Lineage Highborne to our ranks.  These models bring two crucial components to our army that we have been lacking up until now:  armor penetration and a defensive brick. Avatara have an incredible defensive spread (Defense 4, Evade 2, and Resolve 4) and are able to chip away at armored units. They are also incredibly fast at movement 7 so they will be able to reinforce quickly.

Overall this is a huge upgrade to the list and brings us just about to our end goal.  At the end of month 3 we will be geared up to take on a 1750 point game, our current units will cost us 1610 points giving up plenty of upgrades.

Finally, month four will feature the last few upgrades.  This also affords us the chance to catch up on painting, which we will have undoubtedly fallen behind on.  We are adding another box of Force Grown Drones into our list and either a box of Marksmen Clones or a Vanguard Clone duel kit for Infiltrators. The Drones we are getting this month are to give us more mainstay options for our commanders and the regiment of ranged units adds some much needed punch to our list, our main goal of the month.  I personally don’t know a single Spires player out there that will say no to Infiltrators, so that is what I will be going with but the marksmen are yet another great option.  This will take us to 2000 points and a list that gives you a little taste of everything that Spire has to offer.

In the coming months I will go more into more depth with the units I have picked and the general strategy behind this list.  I surely have my work cut out for me and if you plan to follow along you will too. Don’t worry though. I will certainly be posting pictures of the army as it is built and have a few battle reports in the works so we can see the army in action.  Please, make sure to join the official Conquest Facebook group and Discord, stay tuned to keep an eye on the for further articles.  Check out the other articles in the works from my fellow vanguards and gluttons for punishment.  And feel free to reach out to Vanguard Judgewyrm with comments or questions. Good luck and I’ll see you all next month.

Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner

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