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Path of Conquest: 100 Kingdoms Milestone 2

Path of Conquest: 100 Kingdoms Milestone 2

Path of Conquest – Milestone 2 update.

My Path of Conquest continues with the completion of Milestone two!  In case you are playing catch up, Parabellum are currently running a slow grow event whereby participants gradually amass a 2000 point army across between 4 and 6 monthly milestones (For more details click this link!)

For this month’s article, I expanded my initial starter force of approximately 500 points into a much fuller 1000 point force.  I had the pleasure of painting up the Hundred Kingdoms half of the 2 player Starter Set. This is an insanely good value box, and when paired with the Wave 1 Starter set that I painted up last month gives me a force of 3 big combat regiments and a smaller ranged regiment.  I’ll discuss the units and their painting, before finally discussing a game I played on Tabletop Simulator using an army built from these forces.

The force now looks like this after 2 months:

Noble Lord with Arms Master – 80 pts

5 stands Militia Spearmen with Banner – 165 pts

6 stands Men At Arms with Seasoned Veteran – 240 pts

Mounted Noble Lord with Arms Master – 115 pts

3 stands Crossbow – 105 pts

5 stands Household Knights with Standard – 290 pts


I really like having big combat units. I find that they survive longer, deny potential victory points to your opponent as there are less regiments to kill, and also means that it is more likely that you’ll benefit from first player each turn as you’ll have fewer regiments than your opponent (though with Hundred Kingdoms, the regiments are so cheap it doesn’t always work!). Of course, the downside to having fewer units is that your opponent can easily wait until you’ve activated everything before hitting you with a last/first combo which can do heavy damage.

Let’s take a look at the reinforcements I have added this month:

Mounted Noble Lord

I love this character. His job is purely to sit in a regiment of household knights and lead them into enemy formations with a glorious charge. Nominating him as the army warlord grants him the For Honour! Supremacy ability, which provides both the ‘Fury’ draw event and allows him and his knights to reroll misses for impact hits. It is also always active unlike most supremacy abilities.

I have also given him the Armsmaster skill. This gives our Noble Lord cleave 2 thus adding to the combat potential of his knights, who struggle to get through enemy armour if the enemy can weather the initial charge. 6 attacks (including fury) at cleave 2 from the noble lord will massively help the knights conclude their ongoing combat, leaving them ready to charge a different unit next turn.

Men at Arms

These chaps are cheap and amazing. They look intimidating in a big block and can reach a mighty defence of 4 with the Seasoned Veterans’ ‘Bastion’ draw event. They don’t have the best stats, but they take a lot to kill and will also score objectives, which is what I will generally use them for.


Mercenary Crossbowmen

Finally I have added some ranged firepower to my force! These chaps are very cheap and will consistently harass enemy regiments with their armour piercing bolts. I actually find ranged regiments to be very decent monster slayers. I will actively target Jotnars and Abominations with these chaps to hopefully take them out of the game before they slam into one of my combat regiments.

Household Knights.

This regiment is a gamble. I already have Household knights from my Milestone one pledge, so increasing the regiment to such a large size at 1000 points is a very big points sink, but it has the potential to do lots of damage. I’ve already discussed their uses in my previous article but with the addition of the noble lord they become even more effective with the rerolls to impact attacks and  Fury. This regiment becomes my main damage dealer and a highly mobile one at that.  


A Game of One Hundred Kingdoms

This month also saw me take my army to the battlefield for the first time against one of my fellow Path of Conquest Vanguards. We played over Tabletop Simulator on a 4’x4’ table. The battle report will be showcased in another article but to summarise, it was a heavy 10-0 loss, with many lessons for me to learn.

Tactically, I let my militia and foot Lord get isolated and eliminated (mostly dissolved actually by Cascading Degeneration); I let my knights get charged by a powerful enemy close combat unit and I blocked my Men at Arms’ own movement with the knights. I was so desperate to get the charge that I hedged my entire game on the result of one roll for first player, which is no way to fight a battle!

This was an eye-opening experience for me. I am not a new player, having probably played 30+ games now using Dweghom. I think the main issue I have is that with Dweghom, each regiment is good enough to fight on its own without worrying about supporting tactics. Hundred Kingdoms are much weaker from the point-of-view of an individual combatant and need to utilise combined arms tactics to defeat their more powerful adversaries. Having bigger regiments also posed a tactical challenge with regiments getting in the way of each other.  I will certainly take those lessons into my next game with them.

Next month is Milestone 3 and I am adding some heavy hitters! I am adding a Chapter Mage with Fire Dart and a Theist Priest with Holy Fire. Both are potent ranged spells which will help me soften up the enemy. I am also adding a big block of Household Guard. The characters will move around a bit with the Foot Lord going into the Household Guard, the Mage hooking up with the Men-at-Arms and the Priest assuming command of the Militia. That will bring me up to 1500 points, and one more step closer to my 2000 point goal.

David Richardson
David Richardson

I am a wargaming fanatic based in the UK. I am the proud commander of both Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms forces though inevitably i will end up with them all!

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