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Vanguard Path to Conquest: Dweghom Part II

Vanguard Path to Conquest: Dweghom Part II

So, how’d I fare in month 1? Absolutely rubbish. I’d like to say I ran around like a headless chicken, but that’d be insulting to the chicken. Even with the change to the milestones, I managed to fall short entirely.

Here’s as good a point as any to mention the changes to the Path to Conquest program, so here goes-milestones are now 4 weeks, as opposed to 2, so there’s a lot more breathing room, which I’ve learned I’ll need.

So, what happened? Circumstances forced me to diverge from the original list & in trying to adapt I ended up trying to bite off more than I could chew. In last month’s article, I settled on the Dweghom start playing box to kick off with, and the list was:

-A Hold Raegh

-2 x minimum Hold Warriors

-A minimum unit of Dragonslayers

All of this would have netted me around 550 points, which is a nice decent starting point. That didn’t happen on account of the Start Playing boxes being a bit delayed so my month 1 attempt ended up being;

-A Tempered Sorcerer

-An Ardent Kerawagh

-2 x minimum Hold Warriors

-A minimum unit of Flame Berserkers

-A unit of Inferno Automata

All of which comes out to 935 points(615 of the original plan, and 320 extra), and is way more of a workload than I’d intended. Now, with the exception of the sorcerer & the flame berserkers, whilst none of it’s at the level of finished I’m aiming for here, they don’t look dreadful all together, so I’m sticking a fork in them & calling them done for now, but I’ll definitely be going back to them the second I have breathing room here to get them up to where I was aiming.

As I’m writing this, Para Bellum just put a second wave of Start Playing boxes up for pre-order on their website, and box 2 for the Dweghom is 2 boxes of Warriors/Ballistae, a Kerawagh, and a box of Berserkers, so going forward, if I can, I might experiment with multiple 2k lists based around different combinations of the 2 boxes for funsies & to give anyone looking into the faction multiple ideas.

Anywho, that’s a whole load of waffle about the past month, so what about the coming month? I diverged a fair bit, but it’s not actually too dramatic, and so this month’s going to be spent correcting my course, so by the middle of November, I’ll be where I originally planned to be, with some extras. To that end, this month is dedicated to what I missed from milestone one, namely my Raegh and the start of my big block of Dragonslayers. The Raegh has Draeghbrud, so in total that’ll boost me up by 335 points, and I’ll be at 950 off the original plan, and 1270 over all, which is a pretty decent place to be in a third of the way through.

So, writing last month’s article, I wasn’t massively sure how I was gonna handle the painting side of things, aside from trying to be as fast as possible, and prioritising getting them to a point that looks decent on the table, but that I can add to later at my leisure. The scheme I’ve settled on is silver armour with areas of it dyed blue, and black cloth with red accents in areas. At the moment, it consists mainly of basecoats and then either a wash or a contrast paint over the top for some quick definition, and with the exception of skin tones, I’m pretty happy with it I must say.

Lastly, given this is an article about a wargame, what’s conspicuously lacking from this is any, well, gaming! Unfortuneately Covid’s a thing, and we have the distinction of being the first country in the EU to have gone back into full lock-down, so sadly these boys will have to wait to go out there & start earning their Aghm. Though, if things ease off a little before Christmas, they may get a run-out in a demo game or something small like that with a friend.

Anyway, know it’s been a little bit bit short on the discussion side of things this month, but I’m cooking up a few ideas for sub-faction lists (thanks in no small part to the fact that Fireforged have just come out so now I get more angry fire-dwarves to play around with!) so I’ll probably delve into those a bit then!

Ian Mahon
Ian Mahon

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