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Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Layer – Metallic Steel

Now that the model is base colored and shaded, we begin to add a layer to bring out the colors and apply the metallics. On a tabletop quality model, I will apply a single layer on top of the base layer to help colors pop. If I were moving to tabletop + quality (my level 3 which is reserved for characters and special models) there would be on average an additional three layers of extra color added. For this demonstration I will be only using one.

The weapons are made metal as is the armor and buckles and rings. I did leave the rivets alone for this model, though you could go back in and add metallic drops of paint to those as well.

Next I add brass to my weapon hilts and to any brass metals I may see on the armor (in this case there is a big brass wheel / circle on his belt under his dagger, and the sash he is wearing I have decided will be reinforced with brass as well).


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