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Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Contrast Layer – Templar Black Waist Cloth, Weapons, Armour

This next layer is a very important layer. I apply black to any metal areas on the model, as well as to the waist cloth and eye patch. The waist cloth and eye patch will naturally be black, while the metal pieces will be a metallic color when we are done. However, painting metal colors over white does not give me an overall look that I love. I feel that painting metal over black gives me the pop that I am after, so I make all metal areas on my model base out at black first.

Additionally any of the leading fur I will apply a Skeleton Horde off white contrast to, (note the difference in the front and back of the model where one has the contrast and the other image I have not yet applied it)


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