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Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Stage Two – Contrast layer (combines base color and shading) – Flesh

For this model the first thing I am going to start with is identify what my palette is going to look like. The nord army I am painting uses a lot of earth and natural colors. This chap is going to have pale flesh, leather boots and accessories, green pants, and he’s wearing iron plates to protect his chest.

To start off I apply some Darkoath Flesh contrast to the model. When I’m using contrast I try to keep my paint in the areas that they belong, but if some gets into other areas I don’t panic. I’ll try to wipe away any wet paint as I can and the rest I will paint over later if I make a mistake (and let me tell you – mistakes will be made).

In the example above you can see some flesh paint gets on the axe handle, the warrior’s beard, and the strap of his eye patch. This is not a big deal and we will correct it soon. Notice that the contrast paint is laying down a nice color for us and providing shading all in one! This is why I love contrast. (and for those in the know, yes Contrast is not a new concept, if you were good with inks and washes this is something people have done for a while, but the Contrast line really helps bring that to everybody a lot easier!)


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