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Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Auticus Paints – Nord Raider

Wrapping Up – Final Layer Colors

We’re in the home stretch! As I am only going to the tabletop standard, I am only applying one level of paints to bring out some details. I add a leather brown lining to the boots, I pick out some rope holding the steel bars in place on the belt as well as the same leather color on the gauntlet. Finally I apply a bone white to the laces of the gauntlet.

Overall we could take this to a few layers deep and bring this model to life truly but at the level I am aiming for, this is not necessary, and as we will see – when grouped together in a large formation – these rank and file raiders will look very sharp without needing to get each one to the level of detail that I would normally give a character.

Last we look at eyes. Eyes are a pain and a lot of people hate having to do them. I find them necessary on this scale of model. All an eye is are two dots next to each other. I use an off white bone color and i put it next to a solid black dot. It takes some practice but I cheat a little with a very fine point ink pen for the black part of the eye!


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