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A Tale of Four Gamers: Spire Milestone Two

A Tale of Four Gamers: Spire Milestone Two

Alright, Milestone one has come and gone and I’m sure just like with me it was a breeze for everyone. No hiccups or last minute crunches, right? With this first month out of the way there is little time to rest as Milestone two comes into the picture with even more models to be painted by yours truly. In an attempt to try and get the most bang for my buck, both month one and two of my slow-grow list consist of starter kits, and in month two I have my eye set on the Spire half of the two player starter box.

Our goal for this month will be

one Pheromancer

3 Stands of Brute drones

6 Stands of Force Grown Drones

one Abomination.

This will bring our list up to almost 1200 points so if you are playing along with friends you may need to cut some models or add the Brute Drones to month 3, but for myself I’m going for the whole box this month.

First, I think a quick overview of Milestone one is in order. The first portion of the slow-grow league brought us a lot of great tools for the Spire army. The High Clone Executor will be our warlord for the foreseeable future as his supremacy ability is just crazy. Any character that can let you set up for a devastating turn is gold in my book.

Last month also brought us six stands of Vanguard Clones and I could not be happier to have them at my disposal. These Vanguard Clones will be the backbone of our final army and can really punch above their weight. With two attacks each and access to solid defensive options they will be the escort for our High Clone Executor until the very end.

Finally we have our beloved Brute Drones, These bad boys just want to do damage and to be honest they do it well. Point these monsters at something you no longer want on the field and sit back and enjoy the show. Overall Milestone one has given us a great foundation for this army and Milestone two will only make things better.

Now that we have a good understanding of the first Milestone it’s time to add another layer to this army. Milestone two brings us our first caster unit (or the closest thing the Spires get to a caster) in the Pheromancer, and I could (and probably will) write an entire article on this guy. While being outshined by the Biomancer in just about every way, this censor-bearing creature has a place within our army. So you may be asking what does the Pheromancer do?

A lot and not a lot at the same time. Pheromancies are his appropriately-named skill of choice and offer us some solid options. Essentially what the majority of these abilities let you do is draw the command card after your Pheromancer and activate that unit with some sort of benefit. This will help us gain an upper hand by having more meaningful and frequent activations and it can allow some of our lesser troops to punch above their own weight class.

Speaking of lesser troops, we come to the fan favorite: Force Grown Drones.  These guys are as basic as it gets with below-average stats and a very cheap point cost. Where these guys shine however, is when they are paired with a Pheromancer to receive all the benefits and negative effects of their craft. Many Pheromancies will leave your own units with a nasty effect called “Decay” which will have you losing units after they activate. Phermoancers and their Force Grown Drones will be the bread and butter of many Spire armies.

Pheromancies make your drones monsters in combat, hitting well above their weight class and the effects of decay are minimal on such a cheap unit.. Our final new addition the month is the Abomination and with him we gain access to our first heavy regiment.

The Abomination is our cleaner; he can come onto the field and make it into combat on his second turn from pretty much anywhere. The Abomination is also one of Spire’s precious few units with cleave, granting him the honor of cracking armor. Additionally, Flurry and Terror increase the amount of damage output, while at 10 inches of movement, the Abomination always goes where it wants to go and is among the fastest models in the game. With these upgrades we have all the basic tools to run an effective Spire army, along with several to give our opponents a hard time.

Milestone two gives us crucial tools to running an effective Spire army, from a solid support character to a top tier screening unit, we are ready to roll. The two power units within the army will be our characters, the High Clone Executor and his potent supremacy ability along with the Pheromancer’s magic will give us the activations we need to blindside our opponents with powerful turn after powerful turn. A special mention should be made when it comes to the Pheromancer and his Mastery of Flesh retinue options.

Tier three allows you to break the “one draw event per character per turn rule” and resolve two Pheromancies per turn. Combine this ability with two Pheromancies that allow you to activate units out of sequence and you have yourself a mini executor supremacy ability every turn. Use this to your advantage and double up on activations with your heavy hitters like the Brute Drones or the Abomination and you should have an easy time overpowering your opponent. Remember, however that the Spire faction, for the most part, doesn’t do well with prolonged engagements so pick your targets wisely and do as much damage as you can before your opponent can react. With this in mind we are ready to hit Milestone two in full force, and I look forward to updating everyone on Milestone three.

As always feel free to ask questions to me directly if needed and make sure your follow my fellow vanguards with their tale of four gamers articles as well.

Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner

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