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Version 1.03 is here! Changelog

Version 1.03 is here! Changelog

Today was the day that Para-Bellum released the 1.03 version of the rules on pdf, and we at the Underspire were anxious to get our hands on the changes! After doing a side by side comparison, we can say that 99% of the changes in the document were not rules related at all, but simply paragraph reformatting and cleaning up some things. What we found is listed below.

The TL/DR of this article is simply that the rules of the game have largely not changed at all. No points adjustments or stat changes were made. Some characters had a unit added to their warband. The majority of the impact comes from the addition of character retinues, masteries, and tactics plus more magical items that you can customize your character with.

As such, we here at the Underspire dub the 1.03 change as the “Characters Update”.


Formatting changes and page # changes are ignored. Just looking for actual content changes
There are a large number of formatting and spacing type changes.

Resolve Draw Event
“You may choose which one to resolve” was changed to “You choose which one to resolve”.

Reinforcement Zone
“A reinforcement regiment marches onto the battlefield from the reinforcement zone, as determined during Deployment.”
changed to
“A reinforcement regiment marches onto the battlefield from your reinforcement zone, a determined at the beginning of each player’s turn.”

Reinforcement Line has been reworded and clarified.
“The point of entry is between your reinforcement zone and at least one enabling friendly regiment.” changed to
“The point of entry is between your Reinforcement Zone and your reinforcement Line.”

Added Reinforcement Line rule to clarify what makes for a valid reinforcement line.

The Morale Test
Change “to test morale, roll the die a number of times equal to the number of wounds suffered in the current action” to read
“To test morale, roll the die a number of times equal to the number of wounds suffered from an action, rule, or draw event”

Character stands changed to include Retinue rules

Character & Regiments
Added paragraph that begins with “A character stand is always placed in the front rank of a regiment…”

page 191 – adding character personalization – new material
p 192 – 194 – tier tacticals and perks – new material

p.198 – changed the word “mage” to “caster” in several areas. Added “a caster is denied as any stand with the wizard(x) or priest(x) special rule.

p.209 – Biotic Renewal – clarified sentence “roll a d6 for each friendly” changed to “roll a d6 for each other friendly Regiment”

No scenario changes – so any issues with the scenarios in regards to heavies, etc… will not be changed in 1.03.
Building an army list has been removed

ARMY CHANGES – characters now have access to retinue and masteries added

Imperial Officer – new supremacy ability – Redeploy – for the turn this supremacy ability was used you may re-arrange all command cards in your command stack

Noble Lord – mercenary crossbowmen added to mainstay

Theist Priest – add Militia and Militia Bowmen to his mainstay warband

Heirlooms – the list is now categorized
a number of new items added

Added masteries

p.250 – added masteries

High Clone Executor – added Brute Drones as restricted choice

A number of new mutations and masteries added

Relics categorized
New relics added
Masteries Added

Flame Wall – range went from 10″ to 8″

Trove-Finds categorized
New items added
Masteries Added


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