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Underspire World Championship

Underspire World Championship

The time has come for the Underspire to kick off its first world championship with the Tabletop Simulator mod! Starting in December, a world championship tournament will kick off pitting commanders across the opening battlefields of Ea and indeed across the globe to battle for the right to call themselves the very first warlord of Ea and be the first world champion of Conquest!

The event pack is being drawn up. The standings will be held on the Underspire under the Leaderboard page. Every solid detail that can be given will be given here.

  • The event will be a Cup format. This means that players will be placed in “pods” of up to four. Those players will battle every other player in their pod once, with the winner of the pods advancing to the elimination rounds.
  • Players will be placed in initial pods that correspond best with their country and timezone. Americans with Americans, Australians with Australians, UK with UK etc as best as can be arranged. Afterward, the elimination round is seeded so timezones will become an issue where two players may have to coordinate a good time to get together to play at an odd hour. BE AWARE OF THIS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP.
  • You will be expected to be able to communicate with your opponent. If you cannot speak or read English, a translator is permitted.
  • The elimination rounds will be as their name implies. You win you advance. You lose, you are out of the tournament.
  • There will be a final overall award for the world champion. There will also be best-in-faction awards for each of the other three factions to the player that performed the best for that faction. There will be a best in class award for the player that receives the most votes for their gamesmanship, sportsmanship, and general overall presence to this great hobby and game.
  • The tournament will run at 1500 points. This is as the first event, 1500 points is more manageable size.
  • Rosters will be submitted before the event begins. Rosters will not change.
  • Players may choose from any regiments or characters currently released up until the end of 2020 and for which models and cards exist in the mod. Unit upgrades are all in play regardless of if a model exists for it or not.
  • In scenarios where Secondary Objectives are in play; Players will shuffle their objective decks and may draw five (5) cards and keep three (3).


  • Terrain layouts – each round will specify your terrain. It will be kept simple, likely just forests and a couple of hills. You may see a tower pop up in some games.
  • Following Para Bellum tournament standards – walls and fences should be no more than 6″ and no more than 2″ in width. Small terrain features like boulders should not exceed 3″ x 3″. Medium terrain features such as a small building, watchtower, ponds, etc, should not exceed 6″ x 6″, and large terrain like fortified towers should not exceed 9″ x 9″.
  • Every terrain piece must be at least 9″ away from any other terrain piece and 6″ from any table edge. No terrain may be placed on top of an objective (unless the scenario calls for that).
  • 44″x44″ battlefields should have 5 terrain pieces
  • 60″x44″ battlefields should have 7 terrain pieces
  • 72″x48″ battlefields should have 8 terrain pieces
  • Buildings and forests are all size 2
  • Hills are all size 1
  • Garrison Terrain will be capacity 5 and provide Defense +1


  • Each game will have up to a week to be resolved. The results will be stored on the leaderboard page. If all results are scored earlier, the round will advance earlier.
  • Games not played will default to the player that was able to play. In the instance where both players could not make their schedule work, a double forfeit will be issued at the Tournament Organizer’s judgement during the pod phase. During the elimination phase, the Tournament Organizer will have to make a judgement call. This is a most unfortunate event when it happens so players should make it as possible to be available and if a player clearly cannot make a schedule to be open and up front about that and accept a forfeit.
  • Sportsmanship will be judged at a critical level. This is a hobby and a game first. We play for enjoyment and for community. Poor sportsmanship, verbally assaulting any other person for any reason, etc… is grounds for disqualification. Please remember there is another person on the other end of the screen and act accordingly.

Tie Breakers
During the pod phase, players will be ranked. Your ranking will be determined by the following:
* Wins are worth 3 standing points, Draws are worth 1 standing point, Forfeit wins are worth 2 standing points. A forfeit win is defined as a win where the other player did not show up to participate.
* If standing points are tied, a head-to-head will be used. This means that the player that defeated the other player will be ranked higher
* If no head to head exists, or the players drew, the player with the highest Points Scored – Points Scored Against will be used
* If that value is tied, the player with the highest DAP (see below) will be ranked higher
* If that value is tied, the player that has the fewest points scored against them will be ranked higher
The tournament will reserve the right to add a wild card round if things are still locked up beyond this point. Historically in 20+ years of events, this has never happened though.

Para Bellum is providing competitive play scenarios. These will make up some of the scenarios played. Additionally the Take & Hold and the Behold the Fruits of War scenarios from the Underspire Stornlands campaign pack will be in the rotation for play. Table sizes therefore will be different for each game as the para bellum scenarios range from 44″x44″ and 60″ x 44″ and the Stornlands are full 72 x 48. This is a great chance to playtest some new scenarios and provide feedback.

A scenario pack will be emailed to all participants. These are the available pool of scenarios that you may face, though all players will play the same scenario in a round.

During the game, players will keep track of the overall result, the total victory points scored of both players, how many secondary objectives were sucessfully scored, and the overall Defeated Army Points of each player. This value (referred to as DAP) is found by adding up the cost of each stand that has been completely removed as a casualty and HALF of the cost (rounding up) of each stand that is at half or less of starting wounds remaining. In the case of forfeit victories – the DAP given will be 50% of the total amount capable of being earned, or 750 points for this event. Forfeit victories can really mess up standings no matter which way you go with them (either you dont get the chance to score max points, or you give someone free points and others feel its not fair) so please ensure that you get your games in and stick to your commitment.

Rules FAQ and Event Errata
In the absence of an official ruling, the Underspire will provide an event answer to any rules questions that arise. The below contain items from the community that as of this publication have not had any answer yet but which will be in effect for this event:
Q: In regards to free wheeling and charge, the distance required to roll for charging is equal to the shortest distance from unit to unit. If a wheel is REQUIRED to bring the regiment in line to make the straight charge, is that wheel’s distance part of the free wheel? IE if a regiment needs to wheel 4″ to get in line with the target of their charge and the shortest distance from that point is 8″, what is the total charge required? 8″ or 12″
A: The intent here is that based on the rules you measure your distance BEFORE you begin moving. Whatever the closest to closest point of your regiment to your target is – is the amount you need to roll on the charge die plus your movement. So if a regiment is 8″ away before beginning any movement, it needs to score an 8 or more on the charge roll. If that roll is successful, if a wheel is REQUIRED, that is part of the free wheel.

Q: Garrison terrain – for spells or abilities that inflict hits per stand, garrisons dont use stands. How many stands are affected:
A: d6

Q: Do characters in a duel take morale checks from wounds caused? p.191 states you roll resolve as normal, p.192 states wounds caused by a duel do not provoke morale.
A: characters take resolve checks. Their regiments do not.

Q: Does the Veteran Warrior and Wizened Caster masteries allow characters to take banner heirlooms?
A: yes

Q: Overkill mastery – how many resolve rolls do you make? The wounds physically suffered by the character or the total wounds inflicted?
A: The wounds physically suffered by the character

We are looking forward to this event and for promoting Conquest!

Interested in joining? There is no fee, you just have to have Tabletop Simulator and the mod available. Send Auticus a message either on Facebook, Discord, or the contact us link on the Underspire with your intent to play, your country and timezone, and a roster.

Your roster will need to be final before the first round of the pod begins.


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