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Preorders and Releases

Preorders and Releases

We knew the ‘Rona would put a damper on production, and that is to be expected. However the guys over at Para Bellum still have some unit reinforcements for us coming this year so check them out!

  • June: Army Support packs (card boxes, wound counter, spell cards, and strategem cards) and the Drillmaster for 100 Kingdoms
  • July: Lineage Highborne and the Avatara for spires
  • August: Holiday gift sets for each faction (not sure what the contents are for these, but excited to see what they are!)
  • September: Household Guard / Gilded Legion dual kit for 100 Kingdoms, Huscarls and Captain for the nords
  • October: Fireforged and the Herald of Fire for Dweghom

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  • Ian Mahon
    Ian Mahon
    May 18, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    Just on the point about gift sets, there was mention on the discord about the 100k one- 2 sets of Militia, a set of Household Knights, a Noble Lord, and a surprise.

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