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Proxies – when and when not to use them?

Proxies – when and when not to use them?

Proxies – when and when not to use them? In this video, Auticus goes over the pros and cons of proxies and keeping in mind that everyone plays games for different reasons.


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  • Mateusz Płoszczyca
    Mateusz Płoszczyca
    May 21, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    May take on proxies (BTW I am not a Vanguard):
    1) I have zero problem with using proxies to learn the game, and see if it is even worth playing (hey, my very first wargame – Warzone 1th edition, was played with the chess pieces).
    2) I have zero problem if a player uses proxies to test a unit, to learn if he wants to use it in a future, and to save him/her a money if he does not like the experience.
    After that, I do not tolerate proxies, because:
    1) It is not fair for other players who spent their cash on the models.
    2) If you do not buy the models than a game will die.
    3) I play the particular game because I like its background, and want to see a game being a part of that world, not the kitchen sink of a multiverse.

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