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Introducing the Game Stats Report Tool

Introducing the Game Stats Report Tool

We believe that all Conquest games are important, and deserving of being preserved. This requires a system with tremendous flexibility in availability and reliability. It must be available 24/7, and be at home on mobile as well as desktop environments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the release of the Conquest Game Recorder. It is a tool for everyone. Ii can be used to track results between friends, to record campaign results, to providing a simple way to manage more complex tournament results.

As you can see from the above image, a number of details are collected. 

  • Player names/handles of course
  • Which faction each player was playing
  • What scenario was played and what type of scenario it was (Official, Custom, etc)
  • Who won, and if the loser yielded
  • How many point the game was, and (optionally) how many points were lost
  • Victory Points earned and required
  • How many rounds were played
  • And lastly, a place to enter an Event ID if you participating in an event. This would be communicated to you by the event organizer.

All of this information will be made publicly available as results are collected and reports are created.

Interested in trying it out?  Head to

Erin Rivas
Erin Rivas

Gaming Enthusiast, Nords player, and Newbro painter. Writer of things Technical and creator of the Conquest Eternal campaign system.

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