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Fiction Contest for June!

Fiction Contest for June!

This month, the Underspire is sponsoring our first contest! We are looking for some good fiction to add to our shelves and shape the world of Ea, and you could help! Whats at stake? Auticus will give up his vanguard coupon for June to the winner! Thats $100 you can spend in the Para Bellum store!

What do you need to do?

Using the Contact Us link, send a 500 word summary of your short story. If chosen for further review, you will receive an email requesting the entirety of your work.

Short Story must be 5000 words or less. The work must be written in English though we would be proud to sponsor your work in any other language that you can translate into. The story must be set within Ea and highlight one of the current four factions of Conquest.

Submission deadlines are Saturday June 20th. Winner will be announced shortly after.


Software engineer, data science, machine learning, AI, game designer, and writer.

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