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Slide Frequently Asked Questions

July 7th, 2020 (1.03)

Q: Can I use the Shield of my Character during a Duel?

A: Shields will be reworked to  work against all types of Hits originating from one’s front Arc.


Q: Shooting as a Regiment engaged in melee depends on the line of sight of the firing Regiment for Obscured– is that intentional?

A: Yes.


Q: Does a Charging Regiment need to take the closest route to the target Regiment?

A: The Charging Regiment performs their move according to the March Action rules. This means that they can wheel any number of times during their Charge, however they may not exceed their Charge Range by doing so. At the end of their Charge, they must be in contact with the Target Regiment, and they gain a free Wheel to Flush (up to 90 degrees).


Q Can we opt to not wheel flush to the opponent?

A: No, you have to always attempt to wheel flush in order to Engage as many enemy Stands.


Q: If my Regiment fails a Charge, how much does it move?

A: Should you fail a Charge your Regiment only moves in inches equal to the die roll. For example, if your roll a “3” and fail the Charge roll as a Result you only move “3” inches directly towards the Charge target.


Q: Using Fluid Formation’s Free Reform could cause a Regiment to gain a bit in Inches. Is that intentional?

A: Yes.


Q: Regiments with Arching Fire and more than 1 Rank still get only a single shot from the extra Ranks. Is that intentional?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I take less than 3 Retinue Models for my Characters?

A: Yes, you may field 0-3 Models as part of your Retinue.


Q: How do Character Draw Events and Special Rules work while the Character is not on the Battlefield?

A: The Character’s Draw Events and Special Rules are ignored, unless they either:
• Affect specific out-of-battlefield situations (such as providing +1 to Reserves Roll or allow re-rolls etc)
• Would bring the Regiment on the Battlefield (such as providing “Flank” etc)


Q: When half of the Regiment’s Stands are only partially over a Water Terrain, does the Regiment still suffer the penalty?

A: Yes. The Regiment suffers the movement penalty until it has completely cleared the feature.


Q: Eccentric dictates that we must select 2 Core Regiments. Does that mean Mainstay?

A: Yes. We blame the office Ugr for that. Simpler beings, they use simpler words.

When it comes to reinforcement line, does a medium stand in a regiment of lights (jarl with raiders for example) create its own separate line for bringing on heavies?

The class of a regiment determines the line. A character is not a regiment, it is just a stand with a class.

Reinforcements came up earlier today, and zone is redrawn after every activation? Does this mean that I could travel the whole table length in round one?

The Reinforcement line is determined at the beginning of the turn. However, it can only be pushed back as a result of an enemy crossing it. Not be pushed forward. You will need to wait until your next turn before you push further.

Are regiments inside garrison terrain unaffected by spells such as the Eruption and Fire wall that affects stands?

The stands are the entity. Miniatures are there to track attacks, wounds, etc. Therefore it is stands that occupy garrison terrain. Spells will affect your stands when inside terrain.

Catabolic Node: Do the Hits inflicted by Catablolic node count as being part of the Clash action and are they affected by a shield?

It hits as per its entry from the front, therefore does not bypass the shield. Yes it counts as part of a clash action.

How does Cascading Degeneration work if the character stand is destroyed?

Regarding Cascading Degeneration, if the character stand is destroyed then it is no longer in base contact and therefore does not inflict decay to enemies in contact

For Volley Actions does a front row of a unit obstruct the back row of the unit?

The front row fire as normal and the other rows support with one shot per stand.

In the case where multiple Decay would stack at different moments of a turn, how does decay interact with the resist decay rule?

You add the total decay, and subtract the Resist Decay.

Do priests count for ther purposes of Enemy Interference?

Both are casters, therefore both count for enemy interference.

Clarify mixed-class regiments scoring (ex a light regiment with a medium character)

When contesting, you contest against enemy scoring Stands. Your 3 Light Stands contest your enemy's 3 Medium Scoring Stands. The enemy 3 Medium Stands, contest your 1 Scoring Stand. In that case no one scores. Let's see another example.<br /> Player A has a Medium Regiment that is 4 Stand strong. Player B has a Light Regiment That has suffered casualties and is 2 Stands strong. However a Medium Character Stand has joined. (for a total of 3 Stands in the Regiment.) Player B contests against 3 of Player A's Medium Stands. (2 because of the two Light Stands and 1 because of the Medium Character Stand). Player A contests against the Medium Character Stand. In this case Player A is left with one uncontested scoring Stand and therefore scores.

Does a character replace a model in an infantry regiment or does he stand on his own stand?

An infantry character stands on his own stand as of the 1.02 version of the rules. Therefore a regiment of 3 stands of infantry would be a total of 4 stands with the character.