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Tabletop Simulator Mod Updated!

Tabletop Simulator Mod Updated!

The Tabletop Simulator mod has been updated to include nords. I also turned on the 100k and nords measurement tools on their bases. This was added by TTS in May and is an awesome tool.

When I get the Avatara in July I will hit the spires.

This now brings the mod completely up to date. My next steps in the TTS will be to start looking in to creating bump maps so that the models can look high res even though they are not (right now they are a bit too low poly for my tastes and I wanted to get the models IN to the TTS first then worry about making them prettier)

In the future I will be relying on my local community more to supply me with models for factions I am not playing to scan in. With the low volume of releases in 2020 I will likely be able to cover most of what is coming out this year but I have no intention of collection the orcs on dinosaur faction and will likely be tapering off on dweghom and spires on my personal collection to focus on 100k and nords simply to improve player count for those factions in my area.

I will also be focusing on campaign content.


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