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Slide Downloads and Fan Content

Stornlands Map Campaign

Author:  Auticus

Upload Date:  13-MAY-2020

The Stornlands is a map-based campaign set in the northern kingdoms.  Will you claim this cursed kingdom for yourself?  Summon your armies and prepare for war!

Weather Generator

Author:  VBS

Upload Date:  02-JUN-2020

A weather generator for Conquest!

Quick Reference Guide

Author:  James Ho (Corvus)

Upload Date:  13-MAY-2020

This is a handy quick reference guide for the game of Conquest.

Stornlands Scenario Pack and Houserules

Author: Auticus

Upload Date:  01-JULY-2020

Scenario pack and houserules for a Stornlands campaign that you can use to expand on your games of Conquest while we wait for some more scenarios to drop from Para-Bellum!

Conquest Tabletop Simulator Mod

Author:  Auticus

Upload Date:  13-MAY-2020

Tabletop Simulator Mod from the Steam Workshop.  Subscribe for free!