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Campaign Day Report – Scenario I: “Take & Hold”

Campaign Day Report – Scenario I: “Take & Hold”



On July the 25th the forces of the Spirers and 100 Kingdoms clashed in the ouskirts of the barony of Grevensteyn in the  100 Kindgoms.

We had agreed on 1500 points for each game; the Spirers would field on list (gathering experience and limited collection), while the 100 Kingdoms would shift their focus from list to list and adding further elements to their forces.

The whole day was driven by a simple but reasonable narrative (at least for us); putting the Spirers in the role of the attacker (contesting the lands that were once theirs) and the 100 Kingdoms as defenders.

The scenarios selected for the day had been chosen beforehand and both sides agreed on details right before the game(s). We used the „Stornlands Campaign Pack“ – available on this very website.




The Spirers had marched on during the dying hours of the night to find the old watchtower still intact and occupied by a small warband. Their laughter and song was carried through the night. As one the Drones pressed on.


100 Kingdoms


With the latest FAQ clarification online, we decided that Characters of Medium and Heavy class could also claim the Garrison for VP‘s conditions. The 100 Kingdoms made use of the new Mastery rules and added an Imperial Officer as Commander of the Garrison.

The 100 Kingdoms had a heavy focus on Light regiments; mainly ranged units and armoured reinforcements (Men-at-Arms and a small unit of Steel Legion).

TURNS 1-3 (end of turn #3: Spirers 1 vs 100 Kingdoms 3)

The 100 Kingdoms took the Initiative and send their available units onto the table – 4 out of 5 units! With very likely nothing to shoot at (range of 20“/ 24“), they marched to ge into position on the battlefield and put a threat at my right side of the table. The Imperial Officer attached to my second unit of Mercenary Crossbowmen made use of his special rule (Forward Deployment) and occupied the Garrison.

The Spirers moved quickly into position – their Drones focussing on their right/ my left flank under the cover of the dense woods.

Making use of the Draw Event (Bastion) the Commander of the Garrison (Imperial Officer) provided his unit with some reliability – increasing the Defense due to Bastion and the Garrison terrain up to 3. The first unit to charge the Garrison was a unit of 5 Force Grown Drones and a High Clone Executor. They needed two turns to get rid oft he brave defenders and claimed the objective!

Both sides got reinforcements and made themselves ready to go for the Garrison.

TURNS 4-6 (end of turn #6: Spirers 3 vs 100 Kingdoms 5)

The woods on the Spirers right flank became a problem for their heavier units; both the Abominations later on and the Force Grown Brutes couldn’t make any use of their additional attacks (Impacct Hits) due to the Hindering terrain.

The Spirers left flank mirrored by all the ranged units of the 100 Kingdoms was very sparse of terrain; the toll of casualties was heavy there for the attackers. Reinforcing his dwindling lines, a unit of Marksmen Clones (Medium) was brought in on this flank. The center and left flank of the 100 Kingdoms was reinforced by spear-wielding Milita, the dreaded Steel Legion and two units of Men-at-Arms. My strategy of keeping the Spirers out of the middle, was working so far. But I had lost the Garrison to the Highclone Executor and his unit of Force Grown Drones, killing my Warlord and his Mercenary Crossbowmen – the Spirers began to reduce the VP advantage!

TURNS 7-8 (end of turn #8: Spirers 3 vs 100 Kingdoms 5)

The center was crucial for this scenario. So far the Spirers had been able to withstand the assaults. But at a price. Their Highclone Executor holding the objective had only received a single wound in Duells so far. While the Force Grown Drones had been repeatedly forced back into service, even after gruesome wounds, the Executor was not immortal. With 4 attacks at Clash 2 the second Imperial Officer stepped up again to Challenge the Spirers’ master. Upon the steps of the Watchtower, the two met high above the ground and their dance of death was not witnessed by many – fierce fights were taking place all over the battlefield. Then the Officers sword hits home – causing 3 wounds and the Executors‘ armour was not able to prevent the damage.

But the objective was still held by the Force Grown Drones which had refused to die so many times before. But with only one Medium unit remaining the chances for the Spirers became very slim. They had to move aggressively to make any difference.

The 100 Kingdoms at the lead did not take any chances and eradicated the Marksmen Clones by volley after volley from their remaining units of Milita Bowmen and Crossbowmen.

With no more units/ stands able to score any VP’s the game ended and the 100 Kingdoms took the W.


This was close! The 100 Kingdoms took advantage of the Mastery and the Forward Deployment by turn #1, giving them the lead. The Spirers made only one mistake if any – bringing the Marksmen Clones in too far away from the objective was game deciding. The battle for the Watchtower was epic – to see unit after unit trying to storm and take it, while all other regiments fullfilled a role was truly cineastic.

We had some afterthoughts about giving Light units also a chance to claim the objective (like in our case the Force Grown unit holding on) towards the end of the game but this has to be playtested further. It is now up to you! The underspire is looking for feedback on these. Please let us know, how the scenario went in your hands.

Grauer Prophet
Grauer Prophet

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